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The 'Fishlike' Technique from Total Immersion

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Terry Laughlin is the world’s most trusted expert on swimming technique. His first book "Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster, and Easier" is the best-selling swimming book ever. His innovative Total Immersion methods have helped a million ‘average’ swimmers around the world swim with a skill, confidence, and satisfaction unmatched by any other approach.

Terry’s latest book, Swim Ultra-Efficient Freestyle, is the clearest, simplest, and most comprehensive explanation ever published on swimming technique (and perhaps for any human-movement skill.)  Whether you’re a beginner or have swum for decades; whether you swim for health and relaxation or for endurance and speed; you’ll find insights and instruction (visual aids too) on every page that will provide clear direction on how to swim smarter, better . . . faster.

You’ll learn about a path-breaking ‘fishlike’ approach to swimming freestyle--the first major innovation in this technique in 100 years. These techniques evolved originally to help late-starting adults (the vast majority self-taught) progress rapidly from struggling to swim a short distance to covering long distances with striking ease and skill. They've subsequently been embraced by swimmers of all kinds—including the U.S. Navy Seals!

TI techniques are the world’s most efficient because of two critical innovations:

1. Adapting the balance, streamlined profiles, and integrated propulsion of fish and aquatic mammals to human anatomy; and

2. Distilling the skills and habits of World and Olympic champions that are learnable by anyone--and not dependent on special gifts or talents.

With the TI Method, it doesn’t take youth, strength, or athleticism to become the swimmer you always dreamed of being. [You’ll read about Dr. Paul Lurie who took his first TI lesson at age 94; became a youtube sensation—and swam a quarter mile in open water--at 95; and increased his speed 25% at 96. At 97, he swims 20 lengths every morning.]

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    Customer Reviews

    stevemallard2010 ,

    Highly Recommended!

    I started swimming three years ago when I took up triathlon, age 50. Previously I couldn’t even swim a length of the pool. Since then, I’ve progressed to the stage where I can now swim a mile or so - good enough to get me through a race but at the back of the pack. Speed-wise, i’ve plateaued at a pace of about 2:00 mins per 100 yards. I could never seem to break through this barrier, no matter what i tried.

    I started reading this book just this morning. Just skimmed through it over breakfast but I did read and re-read one chapter a couple of times - Chapter 5 on achieving balance. Terry makes it clear this is the single most important factor in efficient swimming and certainly it’s something I’ve always struggled with - I have “heavy legs”, my hips ride low in the water creating drag.

    After breakfast, I went to the pool to try out some of Terry’s ideas. To my surprise and delight, I was immediately swimming 15 seconds per 100 yards faster! And I do mean immediately - like, the moment I jumped in the water. And I found I could repeat this, lap after lap.

    I can still barely believe this myself - but it’s true.

    I cannot recommend this book highly enough.Get it.

    harristom ,

    Get this iBook!

    Terry Laughlin has been swimming, coaching swimmers, and thinking about swimming and coaching for over four decades. Coach Laughlin's book SWIM clearly explains his current ideas about swimming better freestyle - ideas refined by experience and sharpened by criticism. SWIM also describes the research and sometimes unexpected personal experiences behind his ideas. If you think you have hit your swimming limit, want to cut through the phooey of swim training advice, or just want a fascinating read leading to a better understanding of freestyle, get this iBook!

    GwenD449 ,

    Swim Ultra-Efficient Freestyle

    Terry Laughlin's talent as a swimmer is as huge as his talent in explaining the physics behind the silent speed gained through technique. His points are well established with concise descriptions accompanied by pictures or videos. His knowledge is hard-won, having pursued this topic enthusiastically over some decades, and we the readers are the beneficiaries of his explorations into the mechanics and philosophy of swimming as a lifelong activity. Happy laps make for a happy person.

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