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Do you want to make money in the stock market with a simple easy-to-learn strategy?

Money is hard to manage and the numerous costs are stealing from our bank accounts.  But trading a various selection of securities in the stock market with a refined proven strategy and a safe plan makes this much easier.  
"There is a huge difference between a good trade and good trading."
-> Steve Burns, a successful investor in the stock market for over 20 years

This book teaches you how to become a good trader and reproduce profitable trades, instead of the hundreds of books out there which teach you the bare minimum.

In this book, you will discover swing trading strategies proven to work and refined to perfection.
Technical analysis is a growing part of the stock market and entering this world can be unbelievably profitable. 
What makes swing trading so different yet so attractive? 
Swing Trading: From Zero to Hero offers a perspective on a commonly misunderstood strategy. It sheds light on the right way of swing trading, to create high profitability set-ups that reward traders.
Swing trading isn't a strategy requiring as much time commitment as day trading yet can be more profitable. The book explains just how. 
Many books can often misunderstand and therefore 'teach' incorrectly what the strategy entails.  Swing Trading: From Zero to Hero cuts past this to inform traders what it's really all about. 
With profit potential much higher than those of day traders or scalpers or long term investors, the opportunity for success is right in front of you.

On average, swing trading presents traders with up to 80% annual capital gains, rewarding an average salary of $85,000. AVERAGE! The scope can be so much higher IF the motivation, the inspiration is there. /But to make money you need money, right?/ Absolutely not! Build your own portfolio with funds a broke teenager could provide. 
Handpicking stocks, trading them and managing your portfolio's risk: everything you need to know, you'll find in Swing Trading: From Zero to Hero. 

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March 7
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Mateo Mario ,

Good read

Very in depth to many subjects.