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Seventeen-year-old Ciardis Vane grew up in a small village on the edge of the realm.Beautiful, destitute, and desperate she is looking to get out anyway she can. She has worked her whole live as a laundress with no hope ofescaping her fate anytime soon.

Butthen her life changes when a strange woman appears with the key toCiardis's escape. With an offer to take her to the capital and a lifeshe'd never dreamed of, it's hard to resist. There's only one catch.

She wants Ciardis to become a companion: she'll be required to wearexpensive dresses, learn to conduct suitable magic, educate herself oncourt proclivities, and - in the end - chain herself to the highestbidder. A Patron for life.

Ciardis knows that this is her one opportunity to change her life.

But what she does not know is that she will soon be at the heart ofintrigues and power struggles, and that her new life in luxury demands a high price, perhaps even the life of a prince.

Young Adult
April 10
Terah Edun
Terah Edun

Customer Reviews

The forest thief ,

I loved this book!!

This book was amazing! .... It was really different from what I was expecting and they did not try to squeeze and awkward romance into the story .... All In all this book was really good and a fun read

brittni462 ,

Great read

I am obsessed with this series right now. I'm currently only on book three, but I've read enough to know this is a new favorite of mine. Just as good as both Twilight saga and Hunger Games series.

IHipsterGurl ,


I love this book! It’s so good that I finished in three days, I was so addicted.

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