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For the first time, all of Victorian medium Sybil Ingram's adventures are available in one collection! Now you can own all three full-length novels and five short stories starring the intrepid actress-turned-detective as she uncovers mystery, hauntings, and romance. The set contains:

Nocturne for a Widow (book 1): Sybil retires from the theater and stakes a claim on a haunted house, where she investigates a mystery and locks horns with a dangerous rogue named Roderick Brooke.

"When Soft Voices Die" (short story): Sybil must use her newfound abilities as a spirit medium to solve the mystery of a speechless ghost.

The Last Serenade (book 2): When Sybil and Roderick travel to Paris to rescue his former mistress from a blackmailer, they find themselves mixed up in a murder. Can Sybil's skills as a medium solve the mystery—and help Roderick finally free himself from the ghosts of his past with Julia?

"Her Silks and Fine Array" (short story): Sybil cuts her honeymoon short to help an old acquaintance rid her home of a ghost with a taste for fashion.

A Haunting Reprise (book 3): When Sybil returns to London to see her dying father, her reunion with her former mentor, Gerhardt Atherton, ends in betrayal and murder. Sybil must call on an old acquaintance to help her identify the killer and thwart a poltergeist.

"Spectral Strains" (short story): As Christmas approaches, Roderick falls under the spell of a haunted violin. Fortunately his old friend Professor Hartmann is on hand to help Sybil solve the mystery and free Roderick from the ghostly influence.

"Christmas at Gravesend" (short story): Sybil and Roderick travel to Gravesend Hall to spend Christmas with Sybil's former seamstress, Clara, now a baroness. But when there are screams in the night and a mysterious white figure roams the corridors, Clara and Sybil must work together to solve a mystery and bring a broken family back together.

"One Good Turn" (short story): Sybil and Roderick help a governess who believes that her young charges are being possessed by the spirits of two former servants. You may think this story sounds familiar, but prepare for it to take a turn!

The Sybil Ingram series is a delightful fusion of romance, mystery, humor, and period atmosphere, with a dash of supernatural spookiness. It's perfect for readers who love smart, feisty Victorian women sleuths like Deanna Raybourn's Veronica Speedwell and Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody. Once you've made Sybil's acquaintance, you'll want to read all of her stories--and with this collection, it's easier than ever before!

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February 5
Amanda DeWees
Draft2Digital, LLC

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