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"Loved it! Another Hit from an incredible writer!" "Thriller fans and conspiracy theorists will love it." "History, archeology, spirituality, past lives, romance .. a spellbinding thriller."

A mysterious golden disc is discovered under the Coliseum in Rome. A journal surfaces purportedly written by Mary Magdalene. A lost Orb is found in Glastonbury at the site of the legendary church said to be built by Jesus himself. The chase begins.

Dr. Sydney Grace stands poised at the center of an earth-shaking mystery where hidden wisdom and modern science align to reveal a Game Board that holds the key to the innate entitlement of humans. One step ahead of the horrific duo-the Vatican and the Sicilian Mafia-she straddles the edge of life or death with a mysterious priest and a Roman Forum archeologist. Her success could trigger not only a world-wide revolution as foretold in the Mayan prophecies, but expose the Immaculate Deception, leading to the fateful collapse of the Vatican.

"The time has come to Lift the Veils. You are All Masters of the Game Board."~~Isis

Dr. Grace was told she had been given a gift. An opportunity of choosing the means of knowing her own destiny. When she chose the Grid, it meant she was ready for the next step. That was the real reason she went to Glastonbury. Not to find the orb of Mary Magdalene, which probably didn't even exist, but to find her own crystal, her own wisdom-keeper.

She was also told benevolent beings stood ready when she asked for help. They had been with her for thousands of years while she, and all humans, lifted themselves up again and again to rise to her true purpose.

She had found a Game Board under the coliseum in Rome, the same as the one she saw in the lost tomb in the Valley of the Kings, but before she could understand it, she must first understand her Grid, a picture display of her most significant lifetimes. A pattern of understanding that showed she claimed these lives, no matter how despicable, wasteful, horrible or magnificent they were. From slave to scribe to merchant to priest, once she accepted them as her own, without shame, guilt, remorse, resentment, anger or pride, she would be fully formed, a spiritual adept.

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January 11
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