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Symbols of You

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Do you want to create a more positive, mindful and connected life?

There is a vast unseen world that is available to each one of us that can provide insight into the past, present and future. Understanding and tapping into this invisible world expands our belief system to help us become more mindful and increase our intuition. Subsequently, this allows us to figure out and handle life challenges more quickly and live a fuller, richer life.

To help interpret this invisible world, mankind has been interacting with symbols since the beginning of time. Symbols of You provides a personal journey, through hundreds of symbols, on 42 Ancient Wisdom topics. When exploring these symbols, from Acupressure to Western Elements, the reader's connection to the unseen world becomes 'up close and personal' with lots of fun interaction along the way.

Linda provides an illuminating guide to the reader's own unique symbols. Using discovery exercises and easy to read charts, readers will be able to learn, explore and use their symbol to find a deeper level of themselves. They will also be able to improve their intuition to discern and gain insight into life challenges. Expanding beyond themselves they can explore family, friends or other people's symbols.

The book comes complete with fill-in sheets to gather all their symbols, in one place, for easy access throughout their life. Filled with timeless information it is a 'go-to' symbols reference book that helps determine what a life or dream symbol means — whenever the need arises.

Health, Mind & Body
February 1
Creative Health & Spirit
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