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When man becomes machine, cyborgs are the good guys. And Humans will betray them.

Admiral Beijing York volunteers his army of Synthetically-Enhanced soldiers on a mission to settle a new planet. With the promise of freedom and equality, Bei and his cyborgs encounter death and hardship on a one-way trip to nowhere. Bei has two choices: die slowly in space, or return to Earth and make the Humans who betrayed them pay.

When Nell Stafford passed out it was 2012. When she wakes up naked aboard a starship it's 2138, and she's surrounded by Syn-En carrying a grudge against Humans like her. But Nell gained something in her 120-year sleep; somehow, she knows everything the Syn-En need to survive. Now she must convince Bei and his people to trust her--as soon as she learns to trust the mysterious intelligence.

The Syn-En Solution is the first installment of a seven-book military sci-fi space opera. If you enjoy adventure mixed with compelling suspense, space battles, and a touch of romance, then you'll love this series starter by Linda Andrews.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 8
Linda Andrews
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

VaBeachGentleman ,

Syn-En Solution

I enjoyed reading this book. I feel there were times when the author got rapped around the axle on details that bored me. There were also conversations that were way too long. Tech concepts project possibilities I can believe will take place in the future. Romance on the bridge of a starship with an Admiral, not so much. I found the wormhole portrayal interesting/different but who knows what they are really like? Storyline captured my imagination so that I wanted to keep reading.

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