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This book contains all three volumes of Charles Hodge's "Systematic Theology."

Appearing as individual volumes from 1871 to 1872, Hodge's three-volume systematic has long been considered a classic work of Reformed theology. The intended audience is unquestionably students of theology, and although Hodge is Reformed and devotes the most space to Reformed positions, he still gives thorough explanations of Lutheran and Roman Catholic views. In light of this, any serious student of theology will benefit from these volumes regardless of their theological positions. Although firm in his beliefs, Hodge strives to be academically fair and balanced, most often choosing to represent his opponents using officially recognized church articles while still interacting with individual theologians within a particular community.

This work was written for the serious student of theology. Hodge assumes a working knowledge of Greek, Hebrew and Latin, with occasional references in German and French, and often seeks to leave no stone unturned in his quest to define doctrine. It is a valuable reference tool for any academic scholar, and although laymen may have difficulty with the academic nature of the text, they are still able to glean something of the rich depth of wisdom that characterizes Hodge's writing.

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