T.A.G. You're Heard T.A.G. You're Heard
Book 2 - The Assassins' Guild

T.A.G. You're Heard

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Hello again, Mr. No here, communications agent for T.A.G. and your inside source to your favorite agents.

Our next file is on Operation Gingersnap and none other than Agent Code name Mr. Kr, aka Connor Foley Turgenev, our snarky and hyperactive computer genius.

Connor gets hit with a blast from the past that he'd thought was long dead. Yoshi and the rest of Upper Management must scramble to save him before his situation turns dire.

In the meantime, will nearly losing Connor push our gentle giant of a Chef, Asbjørn Sternberg, to open himself up to Connor and truly be the Daddy and partner that Connor wants and needs? Or will he let injuries obtained while serving in the Norwegian Army fuel his self doubt?

Find out this and exciting news that might change the face of T.A.G.'s future in this next installment from the archives.

Warning this book contains references to childhood abuse that some may find upsetting.

The Assassins' Guild Series are enclosed stories but they are all connected and best read in order.

T.A.G. You're Seen

T.A.G. You're Heard

T.A.G. Family Christmas

T.A.G. You're Found

Fiction & Literature
February 2
D.G. Carothers
D.G. Carothers

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“T.A.G. You’re Heard” is the second adventure, where Oz and Connor take center stage.

All is not boring in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Connor want’s to go clubbing at the Black Dragon. When he leaves he’s hurt and angry. Asbjorn “Oz” Stenber has made a terrible mistake. His boy, Connor Foley Turgenev, has asked him out for a night of dancing and he turned him down. No matter how much he yearns to be close to Connor, he’s ashamed and hides himself.

Now Oz’s guilt rides him heavily as Connor has been kidnapped and security have lost their lives. Yoshi’s had to slap Oz a couple of times to get him out of his funk and keep his mind on what’s important. That’s getting Connor back.

Connor finds himself in the clutches of an old nemesis. He’s trying hard to keep himself together and find a way to get out of the clutches of Alon Martinez, drug and human trafficker. Alon has drugged Connor and has demanded that Connor hack into the Assassin’s Guild network. With Connor’s tracker being removed and being drugged he has to come up with ingenious plan.

What is Alon up to with this new boy, Alberto? He uses Alberto in more ways than one, but Connor is smarter than to fall for it. Connor also finds himself in the hands of Kentaro Watanabe, a dangerous guard with secrets.

Is time running out for Connor? Will the Assassin’s Guild reach him in time? If they all survive will Oz face Connor with the truth?

D.G. Carothers brings another unique, fast paced action tale with lot’s of suspense and danger in the “Assassins Guild” series. Besides all the excitement there’s the drama and hurt of Connor recalling bad memories of his childhood. Also, Oz has too many mixed emotions about revealing a war time injury. Don’t always look for the stereotype of the normal Daddy/boy relationship. The author also continues with the quirky humor, banter and all the kinkiness among the characters.

It’s not without this unique group of characters that keep growing. They all have some very interesting alias’s. With “T.A.G. You’re Heard” sharpshooter Mr. Ti will make his debut along with Kentaro Watanabe, who’s named as Bob by Connor. There’s also the Haitian, the Frenchman and Alberto.

All-in-all D. G. Carothers brings and another entertaining and fun tale to the “Assassins Guild”, just don’t take it all too seriously!

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Humorous and action-packed

T.A.G. You’re Heard is another exciting addition to this series. I absolutely love Connor and the creativity of this storyline hooked me immediately. Once I started I couldn’t put it down.

Character development was on point throughout this story. Each character felt incredibly real, not just the main characters but secondary as well. I’m trying to guess which characters will be featured next and while I have no idea I can’t wait to find out. Each character pulls at me and I want all the words! I loved the chemistry between Connor and his Daddy. It’s such a unique twist on Daddy kink! I’ve never seen it written this way before and it highlights how A.G. Carothers will always deliver on individuality. World building was incredibly vivid and intricate. I love how much depth there is in this world and how the author binds it all together.

The storyline is captivating. There is such a great sense of humor that shines through and yet it’s perfectly balanced with the overall story arc. I laughed just as many times as being on the edge of my seat. The emotion jumped right off the pages and never let me go.

5 stars for a humorous, action-packed, and engaging book!

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