A Double Serving Of Cowboys

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Tucker Duke is a cattle rancher, but they don't call him T-Bone because of his steaks. And Colton Ridge? Prime cut. They're looking for a woman to share, to get between them and give her a double helping of big beef.

Ava Carter might be the new owner of the Raines Seed and Feed, but that doesn't mean she's tough as nails. She's definitely tough and has nails that are freshly manicured. When two hot cowboys set their sights on her, she realizes she doesn't stand a chance. Why should she?

Remember: With a Vanessa Vale book, one cowboy is never enough. In this smokin' hot series, each heroine gets an extra helping (or two) of Grade-A Beefcake.

November 15
Bridger Media
Bridger Media

Customer Reviews

ShellBooks66 ,

One Hot Trio

T-Bone is one hot and sexy read from the very talented Vanessa Vale, this is one steamy story with some really hot characters. This is book number two of the Grade-A Beefcakes series and this one is just as hot as the first. It can be read has a stand-alone but really great to read in order. This is a book with some family drama, a bit of flirting and definitely some passion that will have you fanning yourself. Ava is new to town and the new owner of the Seed and Feed store, Tucker Duke aka T-Bone and best bud Colton Ridge are two local cowboys and have Ava in their sights. This is where the fun starts and will keep you glued to the pages until the end.
I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Latrinaj ,


T-Bone is book two of the Grad A Beefcakes Series. This book can be read as a standalone, but for me, I need the background story, even though it’s in spots throughout this book, I need the relationship between the characters in the first book as well as the second. This book takes place a month after the first book. I didn’t think I would be disappointed. Ms. Vale has a calling for writing about hot, dominant andsexy heroes. I like the heroes more than the heroines.

Avaleigh “Ava” Carter was introduced in book one, Sir Loin of Beef. There is m ore to Ava and I like what is revealed. Ava is a “cowgirl princess”, she’s rough and tough. She has some issues with her daddy, bu not daddy issues. She doesn’t playgames, she knows what she wants and she went after her men. Oh, she played hard to get, buy once they wore her down she was call in.

Tucker Duke is a cowboy living and running the family ranch. Tucker or T” Bone to me is a dominate, loving, go get her cowboy. From the Stetson hat on his head to the cowboy boots on his feet, he’s all man and he’s not afraid to lay down the beef for the one woman for him and his best friend. I really like T” Bone because he’s rough and tough.

Colton Ridge is the supervisor on the Duke family ranch. I think of him as a big teddy bear that won’t let an opportunity pass him up in the Seed and Feed (you have to read the book to get that one). A little bit of bondage and a whole lot loving is what I got from Colton.

I rated this book five stars out of five. I don’t know how Ms. Vale mixes comedy and sexy. I laughed at how down to earth and funny the heroes are and then I giggled like a schoolgirl at the really sexy parts, like I was reading somethingI shouldn’t be reading.

Gallowaygirly ,

Loved the story

So far this series has been a great read, it is well written and very erotic. Colton and Tucker see Ava and it is instant recognition that she is the one for them. It takes her a little longer but she gets there and then the fun begins and continues throughout the book. Along the way Ava has to deal with a father who sees her as nothing more than a thing to manipulate to his advantage. There is a HEA for the three of them but a lot happens along the way. I would highly recommend this book for a great read as I know you will not be disappointed.

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