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In 1517, Martin Luther's 95 Theses sparked the Protestant Reformation by challenging the practices of the Roman Catholic Church and the authority of the pope. Many of Luther's books were ordered to be burned as a result of Luther's dissent. Despite this fact, a copy of Martin Luther's Table Talk (then entitled Divine Discourses ) was found preserved under the foundations of a German citizen's home in 1626. Table Talk contains a series of informal conversations Luther shared with his students and colleagues in his home. The topics of these conversations range from religious doctrine and history to instructions regarding government, church, and the academic university. Throughout this text, Luther presents his beliefs boldly, and at times, his opinions may seem extremely biased. While the ethical implications of Luther's views are highly debated, Table Talk provides an uncensored look at Luther's influential ideas. -Emmalon Davis, CCEL Staff Writer

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October 7
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GADawn ,

Travel back in time and sit down to listen

On a large variety of topics (many having to do with doctrine and biblical issues), Martin Luther’s thoughts and dinner conversations have been recorded by several unnamed colleagues and students. His speaking style is direct, contains some humor, and shows the passion he felt on issues separating him from Catholics, Muslims (referred to as “Turks”), and Jews. He also had opinions about some of his fellow Reformers. Reading this book reminds you that Martin Luther spent formative hours as a Catholic; and after he stepped outside the monistic life to become a critic, he remained a man with a great deal of love for others’ souls.

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