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Some family secrets are deadly…

Inventorying human remains can be difficult at the best of times without a creepy security guard hovering over Maddie Foster’s shoulder. Nervous about being stuck in the crypt with the strange man, Maddie asks a friend of a friend to drop by and pretend to be her boyfriend to force the guy to back off.

Raptor operative Josh Warner recently moved to Oregon to take over as guardian to his troubled niece and open a new private security branch in the Pacific Northwest. Josh doesn’t hesitate to help Maddie and is intrigued by the brainy museologist. His protective nature kicks into high gear as he discovers she may be in very real danger.

Tensions run hot in the summer heat as Josh’s work puts everyone he cares about at risk, and Maddie’s research into the museum collection raises questions better left buried. As their city teeters on the precipice of violence, Josh and Maddie find themselves embroiled in a deadly scheme that could reshape the nation.

June 26
Janus Publishing
Rachel Grant

Customer Reviews

Bviurchin ,

Another cracking read from Rachel Grant

Rachel Grant is one of those authors that write such well crafted, suspenseful books that I wait eagerly for every new release. This new book is another excellent read with characters that are well rounded and interesting caught in situations that require intricate plotting in order to reach that happy ending (spoiler!) Her books are also such good value with so much more to enjoy than many authors. As always, I will be eagerly waiting for her next book and highly recommend this one.

TAMacLeod ,

Grabs You In The First Chapter

Tainted Evidence by Rachel Grant is the 10th book in her Evidence series and it is so very powerful. With this installment, we get Raptor operative Josh Warner’s story, and it is a difficult and emotional ride for him and Maddie Foster, a museologist, who also is going through an emotional time. There is also a storyline about protesters, counterprotesters working with police, racists, and white supremacists. Because of that, reading this at this time, was a deeper experience than I expected it to be. I still could not put the book down and it was fabulous.

The story takes place in Oregon where Maddie is working identifying human remains to see if they are ancient and indigenous people who should be repatriated to their Native American tribes, but the Kocher family, whose museum house these bones, are against her being there or proving that they looted native lands of their treasures and bones. They are trying to make Maddie's life as difficult as possible as she tries to do her job so she calls a friend to help with keeping her safe and that is when the story gets really good. Enter Josh, a Raptor operative sent by her friend Trina, who not only pretends to be her boyfriend as they first meet, but does so with a kiss. Well you can just imagine how their story will progress, but there are also difficult family lives and relatives, protesters fighting in the area that end up becoming part of what needs to get solved and just when you think there might be some redemption for some, it all twists again and points you in another unexpected direction.

As with other books by Rachel, because of her experience as an archaeologist, there is so much depth in the research and historical story, something that makes the reading experience richer for me. She also writes fabulous relationship stories. This book seemed so real, so current and so emotional, that I read it in a day because I couldn’t put it down. Yes this is part of a series, and yes if you read the series in order you will get a richer experience, but, she lays the story out so well right from the beginning you could read this as a stand alone although if you do, I guarantee you, you will then want to read all the books that came before this in the series because you will now be hooked and want to read more.

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