Take the High Road

Divorce with Compassion for Yourself and Your Family

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Publisher Description

Game-changing guide to divorce.

"Taking the high road" means learning to let some things go, fostering forgiveness when possible, and incorporating empathy into actions that affect your former life partner.

- Andy Heller, author and divorced dad

If you find yourself in the stressful world of divorce – whether you are considering separation, are in the midst of the process or coming out the other side, Take the High Road: Divorce with Compassion for Yourself and Your Family will help replace battleground tactics with a healthy, supportive process that can work for all parties.

Unlike primers on divorce written by lawyers, therapists, and other subject-matter experts, this accessible and revolutionary guide comes from a successful businessman and author of popular books on real estate and investments.

As Andy Heller struggled through his own divorce, he searched for a practical roadmap to help him, his wife, and his children navigate the emotional, logistical, legal and financial challenges. Finding nothing to help, Heller began interviewing dozens of divorcing couples, marriage counselors, attorneys, judges, and others who could shed light on divorce universal difficulties. The result: a game-changing look at how both parties can choose compassion and cooperation over anger and fear.

Acknowledging the high emotional stakes and the high odds of divorce half of today's marriages end in dissolution Heller has written what one marriage and family therapist calls "a manual of best practices for getting through one of life's more difficult transitions."

With blunt advice, real-world examples, and 46 practical strategies, this book is a well-organized roadmap to a more positive destination. It provides a less traveled route for navigating a divorce that can heal hearts, prepare for the future, and, most importantly, nurture the children.

Step-by-step, Heller's game plan walks readers through four stages:
Divorce Structure, Strategy, and GoalsAction Steps to Help Your Children Manage Life's ChangesDon't Forget about Your Own Needs When DivorcingHealthy Dealings with Your Ex

Within those areas, core "strategy" chapters incorporate engaging anecdotes, original insights, and tips from experts. Readers will be empowered with invaluable communication tools designed to lower the temperature of flashpoint discussions and situations. The author even provides "scripts" for dealing with difficulties before debates can arise. Checklists give readers concrete action plans, and clear "Takeaway Points" at the end of each chapter reinforce key messages.

Heller writes about incompatibility and other interpersonal problems, but doesn't shy away from tough topics including emotional and physical abuse, infidelity, and restraining orders. Every divorce is different in its own way. Despite differences, however, most divorcing spouses share the same challenges. Readers will find common ground on subjects all too frequently overlooked in other books on divorce:

Avoid Unilateral and Wish-List ExpensesTherapy CurveballsVisualizing Your Post-Marriage HomeBeware of Button-Pushing EventsThe Two Categories of Advice-GiversWhen and With Whom to Speak about Your ExWhere is My Deserved Affirmation or Appreciation?

Take the High Road will be essential reading not only for men and women contemplating or going through divorce, but also for their friends, loved ones and the financial and legal professionals in their lives. It's a roadmap for a better life journey with more happiness along the way.</

March 29
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