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The last of their kind, each born with a unique set of gifts, the Taken are a dying people. They were whisked away to Earth as children, hidden for their own protection and raised as humans. Now adults, they are the only hope for a world consumed by war and terror. Hunted both by those who seek to protect them as well as those who wish to use them, their lives depend on who finds them first.

In a world where technology and magic coexist as one, only a few special people have the power to stand guardian against the death of countless innocent souls. They must defeat the Raide and stop the ravenous war machine that destroys all it touches. Or humans will be next.

Dating has never been high on Ava’s list of priorities. She’s been too busy helping her little sister through college and her mom through chemo. Besides, no man she’s ever met has stirred her desire, leaving her wondering what all the fuss is about. Until the night an intriguing stranger walks into the restaurant where she works and sets his sights on her.

Finally, all of the girly nonsense her friends have spewed about being swept away by sweaty dreams of hot men finally makes sense. And then some.

She’s more than willing to see where her hormones lead her when she realizes that Radek is not just a sexy man looking for a little fun. He’s here to take her home to a world she can barely remember to fight an enemy she knows nothing about.

Radek’s life has never been easy. Born on a world ravaged by war, forced to serve out the remainder of his dead father’s prison sentence, and poisoned to ensure his obedience, he’s now been sent to Earth on a suicide mission. But he doesn’t let it get him down. Every day he’s still alive to fight is a good one. Even when the feisty woman he’s been tasked to bring home refuses to come along quietly.

He must find a way to convince her to help their people, even if he has to use force to make it happen. The lives of billions hang in the balance, and if he can’t gain Ava’s trust in time, everyone they both love is going to die...

July 3
Silver Script Media, LLC
Silver Linings Media, LLC

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