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While scouting locations on a tropical island Rachel is rescued from the unwanted sexual advances of colleague by a mysterious beastman. As they get to know each other the couple are attacked by two larger beastmen. Her new friend is critically injured in the attack and to save his life she reluctantly submits to their attackers not realizing that they intend to breed her.

Please note: This 6000+ word erotic story is intended for adult audiences only and contains scenes of breeding sex between a woman and two monstrous beastmen including rough oral sex, deep throating, vaginal sex and double penetration.


Our intimate interlude was interrupted by a sudden commotion in the jungle around us. Gar immediately pulled away from me, bared his teeth as he turned, dropping to all fours as if preparing to fight. This wasn’t good. A larger beastman walked out between the trees. He was at least a foot taller than Gar. His hair was longer, silver in places and his chest crisscrossed with scars. Gar placed himself between me and the intruder and growled. The larger beastman looked didn’t look impressed. He walked from side to side around the perimeter of the clearing as Gar shifted position keeping himself between me and new the new arrival.

“Chell. Woman. Mine.” He spoke with less confidence now and Silver-Hair just growled in response.

“Mine.” He repeated as I saw his muscles tense preparing to spring forward and attack the larger beast.

He was too late, a third beastman emerged from the dense jungle at speed and crashed into his side. I heard the crunch of breaking bones as the attacker connected with Gar’s chest and the two went skidding across the clearing together. The new arrival stood. Gar did not. He tried to push himself up on his arms but I could see a pained look on his face. The newcomer turned to face me, he was smaller than Silver-hair, although he looked a little older. One eye was missing, the vacant socket a mass of scar tissue that continued in a cruel jagged line downwards to his jaw. As the bigger beast approached Gar, One-eye backed away, lowering his head submissively. Silver-hair stood over Gar and looked down with disdain, much the same way Gar had stood over Rollo.

“Woman mine,” he barked before kicking Gar in the ribs.

Gar screamed in pain and I felt my stomach lurch at the pitiful sound. Another kick and this time the scream didn’t come, his mouth was wide but he could not make a sound. I felt ill.

“Enough. Stop it. You’re killing him. Please Stop.”

Silver-hair grunted, unimpressed by my plea. He prodded the Gar’s prone body with his foot and drew back for another kick.

“Woman yours. Woman yours. Please stop.”

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February 3
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