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Lizzie is a young, hardworking intern at a Congressman’s office in Washington, DC. While all the other “hillies” are out having drinks and rubbing shoulders with up and coming political power players, Lizzie is usually staying at work late or shoving her nose in a book for school. Coincidentally, her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. She somehow manages to catch the eye of a certain sexy congressman and she can only hope that she can handle the power that comes with him.

Warning: This 5,500 word story includes a young intern, a powerfully sexy congressman, oral, steamy sex, and creative uses for fruit. Mature audiences only!



My head darted up at that. “Really?” I asked surprisingly.

“Yes, I do think your time would be better spent in the office,” he paused as his eyes briefly lowered down my body to my bare calves and then he continued,  “and that’s why I’m here.”

My heart raced as the blood rushed to my cheeks. “I’m sorry?” I asked.

He brought his eyes back to her face and replied, “I spoke to one of the other interns tonight, a little spunky girl, and she told me that you were still at the office tonight.”

“Oh, Jessica.” I replied and smiled knowingly.

“Yes, Jessica. Once she told me that you weren’t at the function and still in the office, I decided to come over here.” He paused and then continued, “I figured it might prove to be more fun?”

While still on my knees, I openly stared at the Congressman. My mind was racing with different ways to handle the situation. Was I being propositioned by the Congressman?

It was at that specific moment in time that something inside of me turned on. His words, his actions triggered something. Where most young girls might be nervous or scared, embarrassed or offended, I was tempted. I found the very idea of him wanting me, sexy.

I wanted him to want me more.

“Was I right, Elizabeth? Would it be more fun to be in the office tonight?” he asked.

I nodded my head slowly, but without hesitancy.

“Good. Slip your skirt off.”


Fiction & Literature
March 4
Lilly Fey
Draft2Digital, LLC

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