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Anya, a virgin girl at the School of Magicians, plans a sexy first time with her boyfriend -- until Professor Silva catches her stealing potions from his office! The sinister and seductive master of alchemy offers Anya a scandalous deal: either he deflowers the reluctant virgin himself, or both students will be expelled.

When Anya agrees to be deflowered by her professor in his office, he gives her a magical aphrodisiac which makes her climax uncontrollably from the slightest stimulation. He also casts a spell to magically penetrate her with two cocks at once! Can the reluctant virgin survive her seducer's orgasmic onslaught?

This 5250 word story features the reluctant deflowering of a virgin girl by her dominating alpha male professor, sex on the desk, multiple magical orgasms, and multiple magical penetration!

All sexual acts are consensual, and all characters are 18 or older. Read a sexy excerpt below:

Abruptly, the world tilted as he levitated her onto his desk, an unseen magical force pushing her shoulders back so that she lay flat amidst pieces of parchment and inkpots. Anya felt his hands pulling her underpants down, felt his head pushing beneath her skirt, the brush of his hair on her sensitive inner thighs, his breath lashing the wet flesh at their apex.

And then...oh, oh—

The magic of the draught he'd given her coursed through her body anew, rushing down to meet the firm laps of his tongue against her c**t. The pleasure that had exploded through her before returned with a vengeance, crashing like waves against a shore.

Anya heard the slick sound of his mouth plundering her intimately, the grunts deep in his throat as he tasted her.

"A different sweetness here," he whispered, his hands forcing her thighs further apart. "I should bottle this—I can only imagine the sorts of magic I could do with the honey of a virgin such as you."

Fiction & Literature
February 26
Lyla Luray
Draft2Digital, LLC

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