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Joanne Wells, a New York businesswoman feels
something is missing in her life and takes a
vacation break to Venice during the carnival.

She bumps into the mysterious
Leonardo, who invites her to a private party where the dress code is strictly sexy and to be masked.

Joanne finds and loses herself in the erotic and charged atmosphere of the Venetian elite's party, experts in pleasure and ecstasy.

But does she find the mysterious Leonardo?


As she entered the passageway she brushed passed a man and he turned to her, nodding an apology. As she returned the nod, meeting his dark eyes she saw his gaze lingered just a little longer than necessary and he didn’t turn and continue on his way immediately but instead stepped slowly backwards, watching her, his eyes fixed on hers.

Joanne was transfixed by his strange behavior and couldn’t pull her eyes away from his. Something about them drew her in, held her tight and threatened to paralyze her before eventually, out of embarrassment, she managed to tear her eyes from his and look away. There were other people streaming between the two of them in both directions, costumed and otherwise but for a few moments, Joanne felt as if it were just the two of them there in the small space of the passageway.

He wasn’t typically handsome, although he had that wonderful olive complexion and the thick black eyebrows she so loved, but his eyes … it was hard to put her finger on it, they were filled with longing. Yes, that was it. Not the animalistic longing for sexual intimacy, but something else. In a way, the feeling there echoed the very same feeling she herself harbored. A need… is that what it was?

Fiction & Literature
February 23
Jessie Jules
Smashwords, Inc.

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