Taking Back America

An Immediate Solution to America's Economic, Political, and Environmental Crises

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Publisher Description

This is a call to action to enable us, the American people, to supply our own energy, revive our economy and re-institute democracy in America’s failing political system. These three problems are inextricably interconnected and cannot be solved separately.

“Taking Back America” outlines the steps needed to enable us to do this right now by establishing a decentralized economy in which we create our own jobs and political influence. The book shows how this will be accomplished by taking control of the real source of wealth and power: energy, water and food.

Think of it this way: Two people are stranded on a deserted island. One has millions in cash and the other has wood, water, and food. Who has the real power in this situation? We are diverted from this simple fact by a shell game of obfuscation and we have no time for it.

There’s no time to argue about whether there’s too much or too little government or whose ideology is the one that will save us. There’s no time to wait for the right legislation to create a fair and even playing field so that all of us can participate in America’s unparalleled abundance.

Shall we wait while our own children go hungry? There is really no excuse for this here in the richest most powerful nation in human history. Shall we wait while our elderly parents and grandparents struggle to decide whether to buy either food or medicine because they can’t afford both? This is currently how we reward a life of productive work – work that built this nation and made an exquisitely small number of us very wealthy.

The longer we wait the more powerful become the financial and industrial giants who own our government and are “too big to fail”. We must act now.

“Taking Back America” is a blueprint for what we can do right now to create a healthy, diverse and decentralized economy of, by and for the American people.

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March 31
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