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Nicknamed "Mini-Man" for his diminutive stature, a mere five-foot-three and 125 pounds in his flight boots, chopper pilot Ron Alexander proved to be a giant in the eyes of the men he rescued from the jungles and paddies of Vietnam. With an unswerving concern for every American soldier trapped by enemy fire, and a fearlessness that became legendary, Ron Alexander earned enough official praise to become the second most decorated helicopter pilot of the Vietnam era. Yet, for Ron, the real reward came from plucking his fellow soldiers from harm's way, giving them another chance to get home alive.

In Taking Fire, Alexander and acclaimed military writer Charles Sasser transport you right into the cramped cockpit of a Huey on patrol, offering a bird's eye view of the Vietnam conflict. Packed with riveting action and gritty "you-are-there" dialogue, this outstanding book celebrates the everyday heroism of the chopper pilots of Vietnam.

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April 1
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Customer Reviews

lbrazzel ,

Taking Fire

I've read a ton of war books and this was the best book I've ever read. It's a real page turner. A lot of nights I couldn't go to sleep without finding out what happened on the mission they were on. I'm grateful for such a great American account of our brave men who fought so valiantly for us. Thank you.

1st Aviation ,

Brings back memories

The book got off to a slow start but quickly became excellent reading. Having served in IV Core, I found it interesting to read about the Cav in I Core. The descriptions of flying and crew teamwork are accurately portrayed in great detail. I think often about the thousands of lives lost as well as the brave crews that saved countless of lives while risking our own. Thanks for sharing this story!

Bill Dean, Apache Troop, 7/1 Air Cav 1968/69

Bradford Roueche ,

Worth reading

A different angle and approach. The author gives an honest and believable account of his experiences.