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Among the stories in this book, you’ll find two parodies of Shakespeare’s plays: Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venison. Both stories are now fantasy adventures stocked with dwarfs and elves. Both stories pay lip service to the Bard’s plots, but end up with quite different climaxes.
A novella, Chasing Dreams, was nominated for a Nebula award by the Science Fiction Writers of America.
Boggerts Blue features one of my favorite characters, Burga the Warrior Chef. Burga is on a quest for more recipes and to rescue a kidnapped princess.
The Big Bang is a tale of magic, both white and black. Mixing both types is mostly a fatal mistake.
The Queen’s Hero is a fantasy quest concerning a young knight, Knuben, who eager to earn a reputation and three beautiful princesses with a bet on who can bed him first.
In Inter-racial Musical Playoff’s we witness a band competion with various fantasy races competing for the award while nasty wizards try to influnce the outcome.
Finally, in Tactical Surprise we see a dwarf general famous for winning wars with mostly non-violent battles. This time, he’s also fighting a female dwarf who he has long and secretly admired.
Tales From Gundarland was awarded a bronze medal by Readers’ Favorite. EPIC short-listed it for best anthology of the year.

Fiction & Literature
May 23
Hank Quense
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From Gundarland comes entertainment

Gundarland, a land populated by elves, dwarfs, humans and other intriguing races, is both like and unlike the world we live in. The characters must tackle and overcome many of situations we find ourselves in everyday. The difference, of course, is how they overcome them. Some do it with cooking utensils, some with a mask, and some do it with cunning and an unpredictable wand.

Tales From Gundarland is an action packed, comical roller coaster. This wonderfully developed land with its inhabitants is a refreshing get away from the world we live in. All of the multiple characters are both believable and unique which is a testament to the author's talent.

Each of the eight stories deliver a fresh, humorous spin on some the classic tales such as Romeo and Juliet and Zorro while poking fun at political greed and social aspects of life. Action and adventure keeps the pace moving at a steady pace; when combined with the humorous aspects, the stories take on a vivid presence in the reader's mind. The common denominator that holds them together is Gundarland.

From the very first word, Hank Quense's passion for crafting gripping tales and quick wit takes center stage. Instantly, you are immersed in the land of Gundarland next to the multiple individuals that inhabit the planet. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to become part of the humor and adventure within Tales From Gundarland.
Tales From Gundarland delivers nonstop action and laughs with an intriguing pinch of romance. The unique stories, string characters and multiple plots carry from story to story and page to page. This book is a must fro those seeking action, adventure,n and comedy bundled in short deliberate stories.

Gundarland is sure to become one of your favorite places to visit after reading Tales From Gundarland.
Brian Knight

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