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Based on the USA Today and New York Times bestselling science-fiction novels, Honor Harrington, by David Weber, the stories are set 2,000 years in the future when hyperspace travel has allowed humanity to colonize the far reaches of the universe. TALES OF HONOR follows the life and times of a brilliant, genetically engineered female spaceship captain, Honor Harrington, as she heroically leads her crew through a series of epic political, military, and personal adventures. 

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March 5
Top Cow
Image Comics, Inc.

Customer Reviews

nosniborjg ,

Purty darn good job!

Flashback device works. Honor is a little tabloid-ish . . . but probably fits your market. Action scenes are anatomically well drawn - that and the uniforms remind me of the Blackhawk comics of the 50s. And there is a certain noir-ish resemblance to Batman - no superpowers to speak of - an ideal we can all dream of attaining through hard work.

I think the ships are overdrawn - I'd rather see something more like the classic double hammerhead. The treecat is too obviously lethal, and too big to ride on Honor's shoulder! They have their social side, too. Stilties are OK, but again overdrawn. My image was like Zulu warriors - fearsome enough!

All this is somewhat beside the point - this comic is for a naive clientele. If they like it, maybe they will read the books. All in all, a purty darn good job!

msirhc ,


There isn’t any racial diversity in any of the art.

Roger's Account ,

Tales of Honor #1 - Great!

Great great great, I could keep on saying this about “Tales of Honor #1”. I have read many of the Honor series novels and this illistated book is a very welcome addition.

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