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"I could not believe it when Keri went into a vision following the Council meeting; my heart almost stopped when she started screaming, 'NO'."

Kerreth's first words to us as his journal entries join Kerrisha's are filled with worry and concern that soon turn to fear as the still new Karth Tesha uses his abilities and Knowledge to help his young fiance. Did he go too far?

"Together for centuries in life and forever in the Power."

That's all Kerrisha dreams of as events speed her toward her wedding to Kerreth but what was in the vision that seized her as she left the Council chamber at the end of book one? What made her scream in terror? What is the secret she now holds and is desperate to protect? A secret she fears whe will see her placed on house arrest. So, can she hope to keep her secret long enough to break free of the Tower's influence and begin to fulfill her destiny as the Guardian?

She can wish for happily ever after but, as the Queen of two clans, can she even hope for a normal quiet wedding? What about the traditions of the Lost Clans when it comes to a royal wedding in the Triad Clans? Control over her own wedding is ripped from Kerrisha's hands as we meet another of the Lost Clans and travel to the hidden and protected world of the Below City. Keri sees a danger no one else does and cries to be heard once again as the wedding approaches and her timid twin sister, Kennisha, becomes a target herself. But Kerrisha is only looking forward, to after the wedding, to the Blood-bond Ceremony when she and Kerreth will link their souls within the Power. What is the one negative effect of the Blood-bond? Will she share it with Kerreth and can they overcome it?

Otlantesha dictionary and pronunciation key included after the story.

Caution: Some mature content

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 15
C. M. Johnson
Smashwords, Inc.

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