Tales of the Ocean City

Book Two:Descent Into The Abyss

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Graphically Illustrated.  Each page a work of art.

‘Tales Of The Ocean City’ is the epic story of a young civilization forced to confront the Vorm, a terrible enemy from the deep past.  Join Harl’ut and the noble pegasus Vispushin on this epic adventure as they lead a group of young warriors into the heart of the Vorm Hive.

In Book Two: Descent Into The Abyss, Harl’ut recovers from his harrowing adventure from Book One: Battle In The Sky.  He walks through the streets of The Ocean City, visits the Sculpture Garden and his friend, Elá, the bard, and engages in exciting training games with warrior/mentor, Calanctus.  Then the story takes you down the throat of the vast volcano, Pla’than’taa, once worshipped as a god, where Harl’ut enacts a deadly initiation ritual, confronts the barbaric past of his people and battles a terrifying monster. 

“Tales Of The Ocean City is a great story with music that creates a vivid sensual atmosphere.  Powerful, extremely imaginative work!”

- Alexandria Pallas

Christopher Kaufman’s Tales Of The Ocean City is a graphically illustrated book, audio album (filled with Kaufman’s epic cinematic music) and ebook.  Each Stand Alone.  For full immersion you may wish to combine the written and sound together.  The audio book is available on most outlets.  For a discount package (ebook plus audio book), go to  talesoftheoceancity.com - please buy physical books at your local bookstore, request if necessary.

“Tales Of The Ocean City by Chris Kaufman is a rare kind of experience -- a brilliant form of entertainment that masterfully blends these beautiful episodic stories with  dazzling art—and when you add his soundtracks and audio book versions to the mix, fantasy readers who also love epic music are in for a treat! Consume the wonderful world of Kaufman's creative work! ” - F.J.Bayrog - Fantascize Mag.

    Young Adult
    February 22
    Three Dashes Publications
    Christopher Kaufman

    Customer Reviews

    Alicat1951 ,

    Great fun!

    I love this one! The fantasy is full of great characters and the music is so alive!
    All of the writing music are fresh and fascinating as you move from scene to scene. The characters in this chapter are musical composers like the author. Love it!