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The war between the Redwood Pack and the Centrals is one of wolf legend. The Talon Pack was always on the fringes, prepared to fight, but not in the right leadership. With the new Alpha and ruling family, the Talons are a Pack of wolves that no one wants to mess with.

Tattered Loyalties – Talon Pack Book 1

The Alpha of the Talon Pack finds his mate in the daughter of the rival Pack…a submissive wolf ready to take on the world for her family. Gideon and Brie will have to fight until the end of days in order to test their boundaries and their mating bond…or all will be lost.

An Alpha’s Choice – Talon Pack Book 2

Brynn is the sister of the Alpha and Finn the son of their rival Alpha and yet fated to be mates…only one of them can’t sense the connection. They’ll have to find out how they can create the bond as the rest of the world deals with the revelations that could destroy their fragile peace.

Mated in Mist – Talon Pack Book 3

Ryder is the Heir to the Pack while Leah is a witch with no home and once their paths cross, nothing will stop them but themselves. New enemies come to light as they must protect their people and together their passion will burn bright…or combust and shatter them both. 

August 22
Pink Ink Books
Carrie Silverstein

Customer Reviews

Trinispice ,

Good, Better, Best

Truly enjoyed this set. The first book was very good, with good detail and information. The second book was definitely better than the first, with the characters all moving along smoothly and much better attention to detail without being overly lengthy. The Third book was the best one for me, although i feel I like there could have been a little more detail in certain parts, it definitely moved along very well and I didn’t want to stop reading. I was actually reading it on my phone at traffic lights, because it was that good! Definitely recommend this set and of course I now have to get the next set because i need to know what happens to Shane.

village55 ,

Talon box set

If you like shifter books, this set is a must read! A steamy fast paced series .

DPonder ,

Talon Pack Box Set One

Loved it!!!

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