Taming the Giant...Book 5 in the Kindred Tales Series

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The Princess and the Giant…

Meet the Jor’gen Kindred. After leaving the main Mother Ship centuries ago to make a genetic trade with a massive race of people, they are thirty percent bigger than their ancestors. Which makes them 9 feet tall—giants to regular sized humanoids. Now, hundreds of years after the genetic trade which made them so huge, the Jor’gen Kindred have no more females and are seeking a new people to trade with. Bram, their captain, has been dream-sharing with a female from a small, cold, rocky planet at the far edge of the galaxy. The problem? She’s tiny compared to him.

Alanah is the ruler of her people but not by choice. After a plague carried off all the men and boys, including her father the king, she and the female members of her pre-industrial society were left to fend for themselves. Alanah has always felt like an outsider. Not only is she a princess but she’s considered much too tall for a woman. The other ladies at court sneer at her behind her back, wondering where she will ever find a man big enough to take her on.

Enter Bram, a giant three feet taller than Alanah. Suddenly the formerly too-tall princess is feeling positively petite. But Alanah’s planet is stuck in the Dark Ages and Kindred technology looks like magic to them—black magic. Can Alanah convince her people the giant race is safe to join with? And can she and Bram overcome their differences—both physical and emotional—to form a lasting relationship?

You’ll have to read Taming the Giant to find out.

March 3
Evangeline Anderson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jhsbradford ,

Sweet story

I love the entire series, but this one has a special place in my heart. In most of the other stories one or both of the main characters make bad decisions based on some past trauma. I appreciate that it helps create plot devices and suspense, but you often want to smack them up side the head. This story is a pleasant reprieve from that. The two are in love, admit it to each other, and never once sabotage it. (No smacking up side the head for these two.) It is an angst palette cleanser before heading into the rest of the series..... plus Giant Kindred sex. Always a perk.

BuxomG ,

How big can they get?

I don’t know. The book was okay but it just seemed like a way to make the men technologically advanced and therefore smart and the women were stupid being pre-industrial farmers and laborers. The plague storyline was cool though but how much bigger can the kindred get? Like 6-1/2-7 feet tall just isn’t good enough? Now 9 feet? And then that means their junk must be super sized and totally intimidating as well which I felt how hung they were and how intimidating that can be was already well represented in all the other books by how genetically blessed all the Kindred are. I’m game for most anything but this giant thing just seemed to be too much even though the storyline was in general good. But i wish she’d have the characters react to serious situations a little more. If I’m the ruler of my people and one of them drugs me they’d get more than a stern look. Don’t they have a dungeon?

bbirmingham ,


Another great book to add to the Kindred series!! Can’t wait to see what Evangeline comes up with next! Such a guilty pleasure!!

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