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They are known as the Rake Slayers… Tired of the different standards applied to the men who flout society’s rules, three young ladies seek a little primitive justice and hatch a plan to bring a few of London’s most notorious rakes up to snuff before refusing them. But they soon learn exactly what it is that makes rakes so dangerous.

Tasked with bringing down the most notorious rake of all, the always capable and efficient Lady Georgina “Gina” Beauclerk is determined to show the wicked Earl of Coventry just what she has to offer… by promptly turning his dissolute world on its ear. Instead she finds her own world spinning out of control. Because even after she has organized his household, rid his home of alcohol, and paid off his mistress, she can’t help but see that there is more to the handsome earl than first she realized.

Forced into respectable society to escort his debuting sister, Coventry intends to find her a husband posthaste so he can return to the freedom and debauchery of his clubs. After the death of his unfaithful wife, the disillusioned Coventry has no intention of ever marrying again—especially not to an interfering busybody who won’t take “no” for an answer. No matter how much she tempts him.

April 1
Buccaneer Press LLC
Monica McCarty

Customer Reviews

Rizzoml ,


I do love this book. I love all of Monica’s books. Please do give them a chance. I’ve read this one twice so far and it’s left me wanting more each time. I keep waiting for this to become a series. 🤞🏻 This book has a strong, lovable heroine who isn’t perfect and a hero that depicts a man we all secretly want to save from himself. It makes me chuckle, sigh and tear up. Love it.

Jnelle87 ,

Passionately captivated

What a book. Emotionally engaging, heart breaking, laugh out loud funny too.

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