Tank Tank
Book 2 - The Moonshine Task Force (Special Edition)


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Publisher Description

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Laramie Briscoe, comes the special edition of a fan favorite series.

Nobody writes blue collar romance like Laramie Briscoe, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the Moonshine Task Force: Special Edition Series.

This edition includes a never-before-released short story, as well as all the slices of life scenes and text messages I've written for this couple.

Life isn’t promised, love isn’t easy, and relationships aren’t always clean, but everyone has their soulmate who is willing to forgive when it would be better to forget.

Trevor “Tank” Trumbolt

I never thought in the blink of an eye my life could change, but it did. Cresting a hill driving to my favorite fishing spot, I was hit head-on by a teenager with no regard for anyone’s life but his own.

The recovery process has been hard, painful, and damn near beating me down.

The bright spot? Blaze.

Surviving the wreck has given me a second chance to make a life with her. Not knowing if I’ll ever be able to rejoin the Moonshine Task Force again has brought my world into focus. It’s made me realize what’s important.

Blaze. Stella. My brothers. My sister.

The ego that ran Blaze away before isn’t here any longer. What’s left is a man who’s holding his heart in his hands and a burning hope that once I’m healed she’ll still be around.

Daphne “Blaze” Coleman

There’s only been one person in the world who’s accepted me for who I am - from the fiery red of my hair and vibrant tattoos covering parts of my body to the smartness of my mouth and my desire to be matched in the bedroom.

That man is Trevor Trumbolt. When he asked me to give up my job as an EMT because he saw the dangers I face one scary afternoon, it spelled the end for us.

Now that he’s been injured, he needs my help and my love. I’ll give it all freely, but in the end I’m gonna need him to understand one thing about relationships. The give and take, love and sadness, pleasure and pain is a two-way street. He’s either in this with me or he’s not, but at the end of the day, I won’t let him boss me around.

If there’s anything that can handle the steel of a tank – it’s the heat of a blaze.

January 20
Laramie Briscoe Books
Heather Hays

Customer Reviews

RowenaB10 ,

I’m hooked!

My first read of the series and I’m hooked! Talk about swoon worthy, the men of The Moonshine Task Force is that and more and when they meet the woman that completes them the pages burn. This story is about Daphne “Blaze” Coleman and Trevor “Tank” Trumbolt. I am so in love with theses characters, their banter, chemistry and feels bring them to life, add in the emotions and you can’t ask for a better series. I can’t wait for more!

777sails ,

Tank (Special Edition) by Laramie Briscoe

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

I read the original story when it first came out. This Special Edition copy has some really great additions. I just had to re-read this again and slowly. The characters are just so unbelievably awesome. It is something that really needs to be savored. The additions in this copy are so great to have. I wished other authors would do the same. As a reader, you get invested in the characters and it can be a little sad when the story ends. (Hence another reason why I read this slowly!)

The plot again just drew me in. The scenes just flow. I adored Trevor (Tank) and Blaze (not revealing her name here!)

This is written in a dual POV format. This is a favorite of mine. Getting that glimpse into both of the main characters' thoughts really help me to connect with them and better understand them.

While you don't have to read the prior story Renegade to fully understand and enjoy this one, you would get a better feel for the characters and their relationship to each other as a whole.

Also this is a very sexy story so there is a word of warning on that.

Ihatebumbs ,

Tank !! Tank he’s our man if he can’t do it no one can!!

Trevor “Tank” has been a fantasy man come true for me and he belongs to “Blaze”!! How unfair is it that the love of our book lives always belong to someone else. cries sad human tears because I’m not in a romance novel 😒🥹😞!!

But on another not you guys know I need to show you the scene that ultimately devastated me !!

“Life is too short, you should know it better than anyone after what you’ve just gone through. If you really think about it, Trev, I think you’ll understand you want the people you love to do things that make them happy, even if they die doing it. At least you’ll know they died with a smile on their face, doing what they were called to do,” she gestures to her chest. “Because me? I know you and Ryan were born to do what you do.

If this right here doesn’t sell you on this book I am soo disappointed ☹️!! Tank is like any other 20 something he wants to live a life that’s fast and loose then he finds a girl who turns his life upside down. What he doesn’t do is keep the girl. He kisses her makes her fall in love with her too and throws more penalties than a ref during the Super Bowl 😜!!

Tank has seen a lot of things and he wants Blaze for the longest ride and the only way he thinks he can have her is if he keeps her safe. But what do you do when you’ve got a girl who has a fire 🔥 in her to save the world ?!

You hold on for the darn ride of your life and let her soar !!

Happy reading everyone !!.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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