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-a Night Stalkers 5E romance-

MISSION: Special Operations Forces barely miss capturing Pakistan’s #1 arms dealer. They know only one thing: he’s a champion driver in the most challenging car race in the world, The Dakar Rally. The Night Stalkers and SEAL Team 6 must join up again to face the race of their lives.


Drone pilot Zoe DeMille 

— Her career never prepared her for going into the field rather than sending her drone. Driving dune buggies at Pismo Beach throughout her teen years, oddly did. 

SEAL Team 6 Lieutenant Commander Luke Altman

— Trusts no one but his team. Ever!

Zoe convinces Luke that they must go undercover to target their prey in the wildest 5E mission yet. They enter the two-week, 10,000 kilometer race across the dunes, deserts, and mountains of South America to track him down. 

But when Zoe’s viral fashion blog—The Soldier of Style—sparks a media frenzy, it threatens the very nature of this Black Op. She can’t outrace the madness. And she hasn’t a clue how to navigate Luke.

January 29
Buchman Bookworks, Inc.
Buchman Bookworks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Low carber ,

This book rocks!

The story is centered on Zoe and Luke, with only limited involvement with the rest of 5E, but it is so much fun! They played a major role in the last book, but this is their story. The driving and racing scenes are exciting and the love story is hot. It’s interesting to see the development of the characters, especially Zoe. Can’t speak to the accuracy of the racing stuff, but I enjoyed it tremendously.
I received a advance copy of this book for an honest review.

charlligirl ,

Quite an adventure

If you like adventure, you will love this book.

Zoe is an incredibly interesting person. Her mind figures things out long before anyone else does and her heart is as big as the grand canyon. Even after what happened to her as a girl, she still manages to treat people with humanity and kindness.

Luke was harder to read, but you can't help but root for him. And boy did he step in it with Zoe. Yet she forgave him and still loved him, which I think blew him away.

The main twist in this story, I did not see coming. And how Zoe put it together, I have no idea. Great adventure, lots of feels and lots of getting to know the characters outside of their jobs.

Lynne Costa ,

Fast paced suspenseful read

Zoe DeMille is a drone pilot who usually works with the 5E Nightstalkers in a "coffin" stateside feeding the team intel from the drone flying over them, except when the mission goes awry she thinks on her feet and enters the action.Lt. Commander Luke Altman Seal Team 6 is her partner.They both have things in their pasts that drive them, and he isn't sure she can handle being in the fray even though he worked with her in Honduras previously.They end up chasing after an arms dealer to the Dakar Road Race without knowing what he/she looks like. This is a fast paced keep you on your toes fantastic read.

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