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Robbed and left for dead, Wil Thunderstrike's first epic quest is doomed to fail.

Billy Cole is the sixteen-springs-old heir of legendary war hero and famed weapon smith, Ian the Black. The World's Shadow War and days of glory are far behind Ian Cole, however. These days he can be found on the ale house floor as often as his gloomy smithy shop.

Ian's wily partner Trevor the Red is now the tavern master and secret mentor to Ian's son. Trevor has taught Billy all he knows of sword play and tall tales. Now, against his father's wishes, Billy is ready to begin his own heroic legacy.

And when a new elemental evil rises from Blood Marsh, he gets his chance.

Billy straps on a mythic sword and the mantle of Wil Thunderstrike, mystic warrior and traveling talespinner. But can he survive the fierce world beyond the farms of Redfield?

Forge your own destiny.

"What's amazing about this book is that it is its own story. It's not some spin off, take off, bull$#!% twisting of the same young adult themes. And I love that you get all these stories within stories... It's like, bookception." -- Rattle the Stars

"That's why I like this book... [Billy's] going to be a hero one day. It's just going to take a couple more black eyes and a night in the Fellwater drunk tank to get there." -- Forever Young Adult

"The narrative was strong – from the language, to the dialogue, to the imagery. Even small, throw-away scenes are full of fantastic detail, allowing you to not just 'see' the danger but 'feel' it as well. It's not just mindless heroism and adventure, however. There's also a heart to the novel, a very self-aware sort of appreciation for humanity and the horrors of war." -- Beauty in Ruins

"The strength of Tarnish is Billy's coming-of-age narrative, his quest to develop his own, innate heroism, and his struggle to reconcile illustrious legends with harsher truths... [Its] high fantasy styling is tempered by comfortable, somewhat modern language, a relatable, every-man main character, and a universal theme that transcends the genre." -- Tales of the Talisman Magazine

"Fantasy? Sword fights? Monsters? Destiny? Gimme, Gimme!" -- The Book Heap

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 18
Fugitive Fiction
Draft2Digital, LLC

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