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Bestselling author Susan Connell offers readers an assortment of generous samples from seven of her hottest romance novels. Extended excerpts include the first three chapters from A Woman to Blame, Glory Girl, Trouble in Paradise, Pagan's Paradise, Some Kind of Wonderful, and the holiday-themed Rings on Her Fingers. And for a bonus nibble, enjoy the first chapter of her latest beach romance, A Man Like This.

A WOMAN TO BLAME: When city girl Bryn and laid-back Rick butt heads over the renovation of his Florida Keys restaurant, sparks fly. But what happened 5 years ago on August Moon Key, and will that secret destroy their chance at happiness?

GLORY GIRL: When Evan discovers ex-super model Holly Hamilton hiding in his Jersey Shore guest cottage, the aviation executive wants to know why. An unauthorized semi-nude poster known as 'Glory Girl' has America riveted but Holly just wants her celebrity status to go away. Evan knows there's more to the story, and he'll do whatever it takes to gain Holly's trust.

A MAN LIKE THIS: Drew wants info about a string of burglaries in his beloved uncle's retirement community, and he can't understand why the community's resident problem solver, Jill Stuart won't believe they're even happening. As their undeniable chemistry comes to a head, Jill finds herself torn between her connection with Drew and her solemn promise to one of her residents.

TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Buttoned-down Allison arrives in the Central American rain forest on the hunt for her brother-in-law, Tony. She's got a message to deliver, but standing in her way is one Reilly Anderson. When he sidetracks her into playing out her childhood Tarzan fantasies, this pharmaceutical exec just wants to protect Tony's secret drug research. But when Allison lets down her hair - and her guard - anything can happen. After all, it's a jungle out there.

PAGAN'S PARADISE: After a bad breakup with her high-society boyfriend, Joanna's chance for a badly-needed life makeover comes in the form of an offer from a children's charity. They want this hard-working freelance photographer to shoot underprivileged Central American kids. When she signs on, she expects a walk on the wild side. What she gets is her nose bloodied and her camera stolen within hours of arrival. Enter her rescuer, undercover agent Jack Stratford, who knows the streets of San Raphael are about to explode. As the revolution grows closer, so do they, and this gutsy redhead is a distraction he can't afford. So why can't Jack shake the feeling that she's the woman of his dreams?

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL: Young widow Sandy Patterson has had a perfect life, now she wants a real one. Time away from her well-meaning but overly protective southern family is something she needs, and a summer painting in Greece sounds perfect. She just needs to get a quick visit with her husband’s old college roommate, Alex, out of the way. He invites her to stay at his Greek isle villa where he keeps a respectful distance, but soon their chemistry has her wanting things she hasn't in a long time, and she can tell he feels the same. Now she just needs to find out what hidden sadness is holding Alex back.

RINGS ON HER FINGERS: Gwen Mansfield only moonlights as a jewelry store 'mall elf' to help pay the bills at her beloved mansion-turned-apartment house. Between her duties to her tenants and the *four* broken engagements in her past, she knows it's best she resist Architect Steve Stratton's charms. Steve's not dissuaded by her white-lies, though, and he manages to rent her last vacant apartment, then makes himself indispensable. When their undeniable attraction heats up, Gwen's heart soon begins to melt...until an unexpected visitor knocks Steve's plans into the nearest slushy gutter.

*Please Note* This contemporary romance sampler contains sample chapters. For the full novels, please visit your favorite ebook retailer.

December 10
Susan Connell
Smashwords, Inc.

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Gna14 ,

Total Disappointment!

😤😡😠👺🙈👎who would write a story with no ending? I read the first story on this book it started uh 😗then it had me hot steaming and highly disappointed sexually charged with no satisfaction I was so angry I refused to waste my time to read the next story it told things with no explanation if you don't believe me then you would waste time of your life you will regret this writer need to learn how to end a story or to tell one!😭such a waste smh

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