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The bullied boy found his life taken over by the gang of teenagers. The intimidation was soon around the clock and it didn’t take long for the incidents to escalate. His workaholic father was rarely there and so did not understand how best to deal with them. Wading in, shouting abuse was the last thing he should do and he was quickly lost in the midst of the gang, stabbed to death on his own doorstep. No-one talked and no-one was arrested. The boy became the vigilante, waiting for the opportunity to serve the justice the police had failed to deliver. Twelve years on and the perfect opportunity presented itself to him. He was ready to put all of the years of careful planning into action. The set up was perfect, he didn’t know any of the victims so there would be no path to track back to him and the targets would be anything but co-operative with the police. The victims came quickly with just a few days between each. It was also part of the plan. Overwhelm the police with incident after incident and they would not have chance to gather the evidence which would quickly disappear. With help from his huge accomplice the vigilante tranquilised and then dumped the victims, naked, miles away from their home. They awoke permanently marked and facing up to the fact their lives could never be the same again. The case was assigned to the detective Sam Kincaid. He was busy looking for his partner Dave who had disappeared a few months before and didn’t have any time for anything else. But the vigilante case was soon forced to the top of his priorities as the media took an increasing interest in the unique methods the vigilante used. Sam also gained an equally unwanted new partner, Merry. She brought more questions than answers, her move from Vice made no sense and the way she invaded his space made him exceptionally uncomfortable. Sam struggled to juggle both demanding cases with no support from his colleagues. Merry was absent most of the time and capable of impressive mood swings when she was with Sam. Gaining any information from uncooperative victims was proving impossible and the vigilante seemed to be not only one step ahead but dictating their every move. Then he got in touch over the internet. Sam was sceptical, after all, how many criminals voluntarily contact you during an investigation? Then the vigilante provided Sam with a lead in his search for his partner. It was good, but he was unable to rescue his partner in another situation which got out of hand. Sam worked out who the vigilante was but was hampered by his new partner Merry who finally revealed her own agenda in the final showdown with the vigilante, the bully and the man mountain who made sure justice was served.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 27
Ian Shaw
Smashwords, Inc.

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