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Daniel Schwartz never meant to uncover the apocalypse, unfortunately for her that’s exactly what happened. Yet while it’s clear to the Kiwi hacktivist what she should do; cover it back up and get completely smashed, the rest of the world doesn’t agree. A shady corporation places her in a beachside prison where they promise to hold her until she agrees to talk. Dani would be pretty annoyed if she weren't:
a) Biologically incapable of being annoyed
b) Very intrigued by the men hired to guard her
c) Extremely hungover
John, Colt, and Seb have poured a lot of time and money into their private security business the last thing they need is to waste six weeks babysitting a hyperactive hippie. Sadly they’ve signed a dubious but watertight contract. Each of the three men finds himself drawn to the weird, pop-obsessed Daniel and she to them. As they become entangled in each other’s lives Daniel is forced to answer some big questions such as; how can you escape when there’s nowhere safe to go? How can a commitmentphobe fall for not one, but three different men? And, most importantly, should New Zealanders kick people who call them Hobbits? (Yes.)
Taunt is a heart-stopping erotic thriller; chock full of science, nail-biting suspense, period jokes and good old fashioned lust.

November 28
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Rochelle's Reviews ,

Triple the Heroes... Triple the Fun!

Having read Degrees of Control and Locked Box, I thought I was rather acquainted with Eve's dark erotic writing but clearly I was mistaken. Eve is back with another story that will take readers places that she has never taken us before. Not only does she give us more than one hero to fall for in this futuristic novel but she gives us three. You heard me right...three! She shows us the more sensitive side of a sexy alpha with Seb, a more dominant side with John, and the oh so hot older male specimen with Colt. I couldn't help but become enamored with all three of these mouth watering heroes and the sassy, “never knows when to keep her mouth shut” heroine Daniel. Taunt kept me on the edge of my seat with suspenseful intrigue and fanning myself from all the flames of desire.

Daniel Schwartz is a walking, talking enigma with a chemical imbalance and lack of filter. You never know what she will be up to next and what seduction techniques she is going to use to stir up her captors and get under their skin. I found myself scratching my head in bewilderment one minute and a while later shaking my head and laughing at her antics.

John Blackwood is mystery encased in broody dark looks and delicious muscle. He has spent the last few years running from his past and has a special ability which weighs heavily on him. Now he has his own security business with two of his ex military friends that is just starting to take off. Everything seems to be going great until a woman comes in with a proposition for a job in LA with lots of cash. Little does he know that he is in for lots of sexy times, a love like never before, and lots of danger.

Colton Stone is a mature man with lots of talent between the sheets and plenty of muscle to back it up. He may be getting older but he has a flavor that no woman including Daniel could ever resist or forget. Colt lived up to his nickname “Tarzan” in every sense of the word. He knew how to give Daniel unimaginable amounts of pleasure and would protect her no matter what.

What Seb Rhodes lacks in experience, he makes up for in sweetness and enthusiasm. He is finger lickin ' good and just learning exactly how kinky he can be and how much that turns Daniel on. Seb proved to be so much more than the good looking “Boy Scout” that Daniel mistook him for. Underneath all that innocence is a man with darker desires and curiosities that lay just below the surface. By the end of Taunt, I was in awe of the strength of the love that he has for Daniel.

Eve Dangerfield delivers a scorching read with a twist that her readers do not see coming. I was skeptical that I could fall so hard for not one but three heroes all at once but Eve shows us that our hearts have unlimited capacity for her fictional characters and gives us triple the heat and suspense! I highly recommend Taunt for a scintillating, explosive, and futuristic read.

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