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In this “astonishing fantasy debut,” a mother and a mysterious Chinese man—who is more than he appears—search for her missing daughter in San Francisco (Locus).

Offering “a deft blend of the oldest of magicks in a dragon, and the newest of sorceries in computers” (Anne McCaffrey), this is the incomparable novel that garnered Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy, and Philip K. Dick Award nominations, and earned its author the John W. Campbell Best New Writer award.
Martha Macnamara knows that her daughter, Elizabeth, is in trouble—she just doesn’t know what kind. Mysterious phone calls from San Francisco at odd hours of the night are the only contact they've had for years. Now, Elizabeth has sent her mother a plane ticket and reserved a room for her at the city’s most luxurious hotel. Yet, since Martha checked in, she still hasn’t been contacted by her daughter, and is feeling lonely, confused, and a little bit worried.
But Martha meets someone else at the hotel: Mayland Long, a distinguished-looking and wealthy Chinese man who is drawn to Martha’s good character and ability to pinpoint the truth of a matter. They become close quickly, and he promises to help her find Elizabeth. Before he can solve the mystery, though, Martha herself disappears—and Mayland realizes that he’s in love with her.
Now, a man whose true nature and identity is unknown to those around him will embark on a potentially dangerous adventure in a city on the verge of exploding with its own sort of magic as technology spreads through the region that will become known as Silicon Valley. An elegant, delightful, and unusual novel that blends ancient myth with modern wizardry, Tea with the Black Dragon is “a small masterpiece, setting a fantasy story against a contemporary background” (Booklist).

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 1
Open Road Media
OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC

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Prairie_Dog ,

Great Classic Fantasy set in 1980’s California

“Tea With the Black Dragon” has become a period piece from the early 1980’s. It was set in the present when it was written, but it still works as a story. The technology written about in the story has become very quaint, but the story does not rely on it at all to still be a good tale.

It is the story of a musician who has come to California from the east coast to help her daughter who has gotten into some type of trouble. While staying in an elegant old hotel in San Francisco, she meets an elegant and mysterious Asian man. This Mr. Long aids her in trying to find her daughter, and this is when the adventure begins.

The story has little fantasy elements, but has great characters and settings. It is dramatic and gripping, and heart warming in the end.

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