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3 Books! 3 Love Stories! 1 Package! 

"It broke my heart and inspired me to just live, do things and be with people that make me happy. After all the ugly crying I did, I will guarantee you I'll reread this book and cry all over again. ❤" ~Amazon Reviewer~

"It's not very often you read a book in which the writer reaches into your soul and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. This one did. Absolutely beautiful story. Prepare yourself to be completely wrecked." ~Amazon Reviewer~

~Teach Me To Live~ 

All I can do is wish for one more day…
to fall in love with you. 

Madison Avery is the poster child for obedience. Ruled by anxiety and fear, she never expected Austin Weir. Everything about the tattooed blue-eyed boy shatters every well-configured law in the Avery house. 

Teaching Madison to live, Austin breaks through the prison of her anxiety. They spend the summer taking chances, making memories and falling in love. 

But love has no comprehension of time. It doesn’t fade when summer bleeds into fall and time ends. Love, like life, must continue. 
Madison learns that love doesn’t exist within time. It is endless and unfading and heartbreaking. 

But one lesson is learned: Love is living without regret.

Love is life. 

~Teach Me To Love~

I am the lucky one…
because I have a lifetime to love you. 

Raina Andrews is the expression of life. Living in color and breathing in passion, she has everything but love. Kaiden Weir is the childhood crush turned not-so-secret love of her life. He is everything she’s ever wanted and nothing she ever expected, but love can’t be gifted without trust. 

When Kaiden returns from wandering in Europe, he is a different man. But breaking through the barriers Raina has built against his charms won’t be an easy feat. Her unwillingness to let him in only heightens his determination to become the man she’s always believed he could be. 

Emotions fly high as spring drifts into summer and summer into fall. Seducing the heart has never been more fun or more easy, as Kaiden and Raina set the stage for a love that will last a lifetime. 

In all lessons about love one thing is true: Loving another isn’t possible without first loving yourself – and love is the point of it all. 

Love is life. 

~Teach Me To Laugh~

I’ll battle for the gift of every day…
If it ends with the promise of your laugh. 

Amara Bloom is the girl with the wary eyes and untrusting heart. Living in the shadows of a cracked foster system overflowing with kids just like her, she found one way to survive – keep your head down and your guard up. Always. 

Beckett Davis is no stranger to loneliness. Single child to power-couple Mr. and Mrs. Davis, his brand of lonely was a little more elegant where emotions were tweaked with expensive bribes. He recognizes the soul inside the girl with the wary eyes, and what first is a need to conquer a challenge quickly becomes the need to conquer a heart. 

Tension runs high as winter break nears. Falling in love has never been more exhilarating, more painful, or more beautiful as Amara and Beckett set the stage for a love owed entirely to laughter. 

In all lessons about love: Loving another is recognizing the worth of healing through laughter and loving until the end. 

Love is life.

December 4
Alannah Carbonneau
Draft2Digital, LLC

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