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When pregnant mom-to-be Jenn hires a new personal trainer, she's shocked and thrilled to find herself paired with Scott, a tall, handsome young man with a soft touch and sparkling emerald eyes that make her melt with desire. She's so happy with the attention that she doesn't mention matters to her distant on-again, off-again boyfriend - not that he would understand, anyway.

When mutual attraction sparks between the two, Jenn finds herself in the capable hands of a man who finally appreciates her for the beautiful, capable woman she is. But as their relationship becomes more physical, boundaries between client and trainer must be crossed - and both Jenn and Scott know there's no going back.


With one hand on her stomach, he gently pushed on it, demonstrating how the small of her back should press against the wall where she was due to hold it for ten seconds. He was so close to her, she felt almost pinned against the wall. His scent wafted over her. He was smiling as he explained, almost like they were sharing some secret.

“Does that feel alright?” he asked softly. Her large breasts were pressed against his chest. She could feel his pecs against them as he breathed in and out.


Scott sat cross-legged on the floor behind her to maneuver her body for torso rotations.

“You can push back as far as you like.” Her skin raised in goose pimples as she felt his breath on her neck. Jenn moved back till her back was flush against him. She could feel his rock hard body pressed against her, the rippling contours of his muscles tight against her soft flesh. He continued speaking evenly while gently twisting her body.

Scott finally stopped, trailing his hands lightly down her arms.

“So for this last stretch, I’ll need you on all fours,” his voice seemed a little huskier. This will be good for your lower back.”

“Sure,” she began to move as instructed while he stood behind her, watching. Jenn could feel his eyes on her buttocks. She wondered if it was all too evident she found him as attractive as he found her.

His hands caressed over her back as he helped position her for the stretches. There was tenseness in his body now, as if he was desperate to touch her. His hands seemed to hover over her thighs, as if he wanted to pull those leggings to one side. His touch moved up her side and hesitated at the mounds of her breasts.

“Is this... alright?” she said after a beat of silence. “Do you... want me to do anything else?”

Fiction & Literature
April 30
Sage Reamen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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