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~ The most delicious delights satiating the most discerning appetites, wrapped up and delivered in bite-sized morsels for a most memorable meal. ~

Twelve titillating tales bundled in tasty nibbles of 500 words or less promise to surprise, delight, prompt giddy waves of giggles, and definitely compel you to whisper all the delicious details and discoveries among bemused mixed company. A full variety of unexpected finds for your unsuspecting mind depict vastly different relationships, sensual moments, bawdy plots, and erotic notions, all cleverly compact, highly palatable, and every bit pleasing as they are teasing.

A woman finds the perfect mix of attraction and acceptance in her ideal companion: The Perfect Lover.

An eager, older husband anticipates the surprise of a lifetime for his wife—and himself—when he swallows a Little Blue Pill.

A husband quickly regrets pushing his wife to prove she's not a prude. Oh, Payback's a Bitch!

An innocent voyeur receives unexpected insight when he enjoys this Lunch with a View.

A tourist experiences a highly recommended local tradition, courtesy of an islander whose reputation definitely precedes her. She is Tan Tit Ranoa.

The paid session delivered by a dominatrix reveals the animal side of her profession as she's Milking Bessy.

A bride-to-be laments her mother-in-law-to-be placed in charge of her bachelorette party until Dinner Is Served.

The movement of the ocean inspires a couple's sensual escapade underwater and delivers a taste of the Salt of the Sea.

From flirting to fruition, the entire Table Dance plays out tableside.

A man has his eye on his neighbor's new wife, the Forbidden Fruit.

Will Delight for Ride is the roadside read scribbled on cardboard, instantly making a business trip all the more interesting.

A dominant woman beckons her submissive companion, seeking the solace of her own Pretty Pet.

~ Your Perfect Bedside Companion, the Book You Can't Put Down and Won't Stop Thinking About ~


This collection of erotic flash fiction is full of surprises and brings all of your favorite aspects of erotic short tales to life for you to experience intimately: couples erotica stories, erotic short stories for women, flash fiction anthology, erotic short stories for men, erotica short stories collection

Adult Erotica Warning:
This book contains adult sex situations infused with explicit erotic sex scenes in explicit detail and graphic sex and language and is intended for mature adult audiences only. All characters are fictionally created and all engaged in sexual fantasy situations and activities are mutually consenting and 18 years of age or older.

About the Author

~ Liam Holt Delivers the Darkest Side of Erotica; He Is Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure ~

Liam Holt's writing is unique among all other erotica authors in its bold audacity and unabashed fearlessness. Liam digs deep—within his own dark mind and the depths of the human condition—to deliver up what yours craves—perhaps, without you even realizing it. He doesn't refrain from writing what he finds lurking in the contorted shadows of the essence of erotica, delivering it up in the infectious forms of suspense, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, mystery, pulp, all your paranormal pleasures—as well as the utterly strange.

Liam's readers are often left shocked, always permanently affected (afflicted?), and with an insatiable appetite for his authentic style, memorable characters, and enduring ability to surprise. Liam Holt is his readers' welcome, unshakable addiction.

Fiction & Literature
November 18
Ardour Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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