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Teen Guide answers the important and confusing questions young people have about their bodies and their hearts. It's an advice book from two authors who care about young people and want to help them work through the tough issues that will be on their minds as they move through an emotionally complex time of their lives. Every question is answered in a conversational way, as if the author were sitting next to you speaking from the heart. Co-authored by Matt Posner and Jess C Scott. Genre: Teen Health/Sexuality | 75,000 words Matt and Jess answer questions about: * Love vs. Lust * Looks vs. Personality * Whether you should have sex * How important money is in a relationship * Pornography (separating reality from fantasy) * Sexual Orientation (is it okay to be "gay"?) ...and more * * * From The Authors: "Teen Guide answers the important and confusing questions young people have about their bodies and their hearts. We hope you will enjoy Teen Guide and find it useful and insightful, with regards to tough questions you might have about love, sex and relationships." -- Co-Authors: Matt Posner and Jess C Scott * * * Author Bios: * Matt's Bio: Matt is an NYC teacher who's willing to make controversial statements that he thinks are in your best interest. In his own words, Teen Guide "explains what mature, adult sexuality is and provides a useful guide to entering that sexual world at the right time." He is also the author of the School of the Ages series of novels featuring America's greatest magic school. * Jess's Bio: Jess, a professional non-conformist, has a fresh youthful world view. Jess writes in a variety of genres including urban fantasy, young adult fiction, cyberpunk, and poetry. She's cool, supportive, and writes with both intellect and a lot of emotion. She is the founder of jessINK, an innovative publishing company that focuses on substance over marketing hype. * * * Reviews: "Jaw-dropping bold, insightful, and informative." — Bernard Schaffer, best-selling author of Superbia "...very informative and something that every teen would be interested to read (and should read) because the information in the book is really useful and stuff that a lot of people would be too embarrassed to talk about or ask in real life." — Marie C., 18 y/o, Singapore (via email) "The questions were fab. They were questions that most teens ask every day. [The questions] were really well answered and really relevant." — Natasha W., 17 y/o, United Kingdom (via email)

May 6
Jess C Scott
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