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Do you ever wonder how to teach students when to use ee or ea or 'e consonant e' (e-e) when spelling words or how to differentiate between homophones while spelling, e.g., feet vs. feat, meet vs. meat vs. mete? This book helps students who struggle with spelling confusing long vowel spelling patterns to learn spellings by associating focus words to a fun storyline.

Teens Go to The Reef is a story of three teens Ben, Lee, and Pat, who drive to Ben's Nan's village over the weekend. They go diving at the Reef, where they are disheartened at the sight of plastic trash everywhere.

Teens Go to the Reef is a decodable resource that focuses on 98 common words that use ONLY the ee spelling pattern for the long sound of e /ē/. It is the second book in the Vowel Team Series. The book has been carefully authored to ensure that words with the long e sound /ē/ using spelling patterns other than the ee spelling pattern are NOT included in this book. This step has been taken to avoid confusion while students are becoming familiar with the focus words in this story.

The books in the vowel team series have been developed to help students with orthographic mapping of focus words. Every book in this Vowel Team Series will focus on one or two related vowel teams and include multiple target words spelled with the same spelling pattern that students of school age will encounter during reading and spelling.

Students with learning difficulties who struggle to differentiate the multiple spelling patterns of long vowel sounds will benefit from using this book. The intention is for children to associate the focus words with the story and subsequently be­come fluent in encoding and decoding those words.

The books come with educator resources that can be used in conjunction with this book to reinforce the spelling patterns covered in each book.

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