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Aminah Mae Safi's Tell Me How You Really Feel is an ode to romantic comedies, following two girls on opposite sides of the social scale as they work together to make a movie and try very hard not to fall in love.

The first time Sana Khan asked out a girl–Rachel Recht--it went so badly that she never did it again. Rachel is a film buff and aspiring director, and she’s seen Carrie enough times to learn you can never trust cheerleaders (and beautiful people). Rachel was furious that Sana tried to prank her by asking her on a date.

But when it comes time for Rachel to cast her senior project, she realizes that there’s no more perfect lead than Sana--the girl she's sneered at in the halls for the past three years. And poor Sana--she says yes. She never did really get over that first crush, even if Rachel can barely stand to be in the same room as her.

Told in alternative viewpoints and set against the backdrop of Los Angeles in the springtime, when the rainy season rolls in and the Santa Ana's can still blow--these two girls are about to learn that in the city of dreams, anything is possible--even love.

Young Adult
June 11
Feiwel & Friends
Grades 8-13

Customer Reviews

tinabeltcher ,


I really love this book. I’d rate a 10/10. I like the character development throughout the story. Rachel really changed in a good way because of Sana and so did Sana. The ending was a happy ending, in my opinion. I liked how I saw the story from both Rachel and sana’s perspectives.

Key514 ,

I love a little good summer romance reading....

I loved this book, once I finished the sample reading, I knew I had to get this book! Such a great story and I think this tells us to go for what you want and know what’s right for you in this world. 🥰 #LGBTQ

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