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I didn’t get to where I am by being nice.

I’m the boss, the CEO, the owner of whatever I want.   Right now, that includes every person in this building of the company I just bought. 

I stop at nothing once I’ve decided I’m taking something.

And then she showed up... full of spitfire just for me, the man she's decided is her worst enemy.  


Like I said, I stop at nothing once I’ve decided I’m taking something.  This pretty little thing just moved to the top of my "must acquire" list.

August 24
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

A.Lynnea ,

A red hot read!

Sometimes I go into a book looking to be challenged, wanting to sift through foreshadowing and subtext. Other times? I just want to read a book for pleasure. And boy did I find a lot of that in Tell Me You Want Me. This newest novel from Willow Winters is just the “five spicy peppers out of five” book I was looking for to break me out of a reading slump. It’s a quick read and engaging from the very beginning. I don’t know if “office romance” is a sufficient enough description but if you’re in the market for one that’s sexy, fast paced, and addictive- you’ve found it. I mean, who doesn’t love a brooding CEO?

kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyla ,


OMG! Swooning over that HAWT A** cover! It was spicy, he was dominant, there was plot, romance, and basically all the things a girl could want when being swept off her feet.

TELL ME YOU WANT ME is a standalone Novella steamy Office Romance.
Adrian Bradford is a sexy billionaire CEO. He’s ruthless, confident, arrogant, and known for being an alpha, ill-tempered man, who gets what he wants. He tears apart failing companies, and turns them into a profit by getting rid of underperforming departments. Although at the time he bought his latest project he didn’t realise that it would be his hardest yet as he’s about to meet the woman who’s going to turn his life upside down, Suzette Parks. Suzette Parks is beautiful, smart, passionate, dedicated and she is good at her job. When Adrian notices Suzette at their first meeting, he is enamored by the feisty, sassy, Incredibly Hot woman. Their chemistry is instant, their lust is the hottest of flames.
During office hours it is strictly professional, absolutely no hanky-panky. Once it hits 6:00 PM on the dot, entertainment begins. Meaning it’s not forbidden to have sex with your boss on his desk, as long as it’s after 6 PM.

“I am one thing in the boardroom. I’m another outside of that. If you can’t compartmentalize, tell me now.”
Adrian sums up their relationship perfectly. After 6pm, she gets the man, not the CEO.

Since her divorce, Suzette has not been sexually active at all, and it has been a long time since Adrian has had this longing for a woman and has wanted more than sex from her. There is this unexpected sense of comfort between them, and they both desperately want to be together. This fling has blossomed into something neither one of them saw coming. Their chemistry completely leaps off the page—they are combustible! But as Adrian begins to cut the fat from Suzette's company, a wedge starts to form between them. She’s insecure about her position and he needs to do what he came there to do. Everything about them seemed too good to be true, but none of that mattered until a situation turns Adrain’s picturesque life upside down. Even though their affair is strictly after work hours, the special treatment of Suzette's division has not gone unnoticed- The buzz around the office has been persistent! and as much as they love each other, can they have a happy ending?? Read Tell Me You Want Me By Willow Winters to find out 😉

This is a fast read that will keep you entertained from beginning to end! I was completely absorbed into their lives from page 1. This is a perfect combination of super spicy scenes and a sweet romantic love story that will have you smiling the whole way through. I loved that Suzette is a boss in the office but also a girl who wants a domineering man outside of it. Adrian is a powerhouse in all things and I absolutely loved him for it. Their steamy scenes are everything! When everything goes wrong, I loved the lengths they were willing to go for a relationship that wasn't supposed to get serious in the first place.
Willow Winters left her readers breathless with this enthralling love story with masterfully developed main characters!
I voluntarily received an Advance Reader Copy of this book for my honest review.

Szmoromou ,

After 6

Tell Me You Want Me was intense from the very first word to the last. Adrian is known as the cutthroat businessman that comes in and tears companies apart for his own benefit. Suzette is head of marketing for the company Adrian has taken over and over her dead body is she allowing him to do that to the company she has worked so hard for. She loathes Adrian, but she can't deny that she is attracted to him in a way she hasn't felt for a man in a long time. After her divorce, she has sworn off men. Adrian had set his eyes on Suzette, and when the opportunity presented itself, he knows he has to have her. Call it an "after 6 o'clock" boss/worker with benefits. Both agreeing that lines between work and pleasure were not to be blurred. All said and done until Suzette's job is on the line. What was suppose to be casual and fun turned out to be more for them both. Can Adrian and Suzette be more?

WOW, Willow Winters has really outdone herself with this one. Adrian has this Lucifer reputation, but really deep down he does what he does to stop the corruption in the business world. Suzette was the woman that broke down his barriers, ones that even Adrian could not believe he put up. Suzette also evolved. The walls she built around her heart after the devastation of her husband's betrayal and her divorce were slowly chipped away by the one man she never thought could. Adrian and Suzette complement each other and bring the BEST out of each other. I LOVE THEM! Well done Willow Winters!

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