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A town held together with secrets. A wealthy widow looking for an heir. One choice could shame high society into submission.

Eighty-year-old Southern aristocrat Iris Temple’s health may be failing, but her wit is as sharp as ever. Before she joins her ancestral ghosts, she must pick an heir to take over her sprawling estate—and the book of secrets that's kept her family in power for generations. But between her scheming son, her estranged daughter who abandoned Savannah years ago, and her illegitimate half-sister, she’s working with slim pickings. 

While only her half-sister and cook have put up with her outlandish diet and constant bickering, she can't ignore the powerful hold her late father's 100-year-old mistress has over the two women. When someone leaks embarrassing snippets from the Temple family book, she half suspects the voodoo-practicing centenarian as the elites of Savannah teeter on the edge of revolt. With Iris fading fast, her ragtag bunch of potential heirs must reveal the leaker before the book's secrets tear the sleepy town apart. 

Temple Secrets is a hilarious women’s fiction novel with a Southern gothic flair. If you like wisecracking humor, headstrong women, and twisty mysteries, then you’ll love Susan Gabriel’s compelling tale of an unconventional inheritance.

Fiction & Literature
March 2
Wild Lily Arts
Wild Lily Arts, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Anne Alex ,

Very entertaining story

I love a meaty novel that gives me a great story, is well written, teaches me a few things and makes me - at various points - laugh out loud and cry. Temple Secrets delivered all of that. I tend to be a silent laughter but I burst out with a few in this book!

The story is narrated by four women: Queenie, Violet, Rose and occasionally Old Sally. These women, black and white, have a lot of shared family history and to varying extent, genes. Queenie is hilarious, Violet, her niece has the third eye abilities she shared with Old Sally, her grandmother and the wise holder of the Gullah traditions, and Rose is the estranged daughter of Iris Temple, the matriarch of this entrenched, elite Savannah family. I don’t want to try to summarize the plot, but will just leave it that it’s a wonderful novel that sticks with you.

Courtney staton ,


Each character pulls you in! I couldn’t put this book down! I fell in love with the characters!

Lisa T-NOLA ,

Temple Secrets

What a thought provoking read!
I too am from the South where death and afterlife are part of every day living. I love the characters especially Old Sally,Rose ,Violet and Queenie. Home is where love resides!
Lisa T.

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