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Two loves dominated my life: Allison, who I'd loved since we were kids, and the Marine corp. I wanted to be a Marine, and as soon as I was 18, I was in – and so was Allison, right by my side. Always by my side until THAT mission: the one that took her from me. The one that tore out my heart… the one that made the ring I had ready to give nothing. I knew something had gone wrong with that mission, but my superiors wouldn't give me any answers, so I left. I couldn't take the pain, so I headed to the peacefulness of the mountains, to the small town of Adams. Sure, it's a lot different than Boston, but that's exactly what I need. It's pure. It's peaceful. Life's quieter there. The locals are friendly. So, I built a bar, and they love it. There's never been a bar like mine in the small town of Adams. Lots of beautiful women flirt with me, but none of them can reach me until one night, the only woman that could breach my defenses does: she sees my pain, puts a balm on my soul, begins to rescue my heart, gives me belief in love again, my angel... can she save me? 


He blew into town – all rage and pain in his eyes. He thought no one could see, but I could. I think I fell for him right away, but knowing how the wounded respond, I just became part of the landscape in that bar he built. All of those other women flirting with him never bothered me, because I could see that it only bothered him. None of them stood a chance. But around me, he began to calm. We would exchange a few words here and there; and the longer I focused on him, the more I fell. I knew I was doomed to love and have not, until one night, the storm outside, matched the storm inside him. I saw his pain, and went to help … and he let me. But will he really let me in all the way?

Fiction & Literature
May 26
Kylie Parker Romance
Draft2Digital, LLC

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