Temptation In Texas: Mike and Megan

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Publisher Description

Temptation In Texas: Mike and Megan
Sensual Short Story
6500 Words

Life in uptown Dallas is exciting enough already for small town girl Megan. But when Mike walks into the restaurant where she works, things are going to crank up a notch.


Mike excused himself from the table and followed her to the back of the restaurant. When he entered the vestibule that led to the restroom doors, it was empty. Knowing she was in the ladies room, he briefly opened the men's room and saw that it was unoccupied. He didn't go in, but turned and leaned against the wall outside the ladies restroom and waited to make his move.
Megan washed up with hands that shook. It was over. She couldn't take Brad back. The final text telling her he wasn't coming tonight was it. Her eyes filled with tears as she realized she was in a city with no family and no boyfriend. Six years of her life, down the drain. A single tear fell. She wasn't wasting another second.
She stiffened her spine as she pushed the door open and prepared to go back to work. Her step faltered when she saw the tall, broad shouldered man leaning nonchalantly against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. The oxygen stalled in her lungs as she saw his eyes on her. Twin feelings of alarm and excitement slipped through her veins. She lowered
her eyes from him and prepared to move away. But she couldn't be rude. "Hello." The word was little more than a whisper.
She turned away and hadn't taken two steps when a large, male hand fell on her wrist and held her immobile.
"Just a minute." The words were a demand and shock slithered down her spine as she looked down and saw that rough, tanned hand wrapped all the way around her wrist. The bottom fell from her stomach as she lifted her face and saw the dark, velvet brown eyes watching her.

From the Author

Red Hot Warning !! Please note that my Temptation In Texas stories are short stories of about 6500 words. They are perfect for a lunchtime read or a good soak in the tub! While they are meant to be a romantic fantasy with added spice, I have not deviated from my core story line that contains one hero and one heroine. I hope you enjoy!

Fiction & Literature
August 21
Lynda Chance
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ronnae ,

Temptation satisfied

Mike is out with his sister and a few fifteen year old boys when he sees a woman that makes his wood exceed its width. He confronts her outside the restroom first where he then pulls her into the male bathroom and has his first taste of her goodness. He takes her home and finds out that she is fresh off of a breakup. So he seduces her some more which eventually becomes a night of ritualistic sex. The next morning Megan speaks up and Mike decides he wants more than the Texas hook up.

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