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A princess expected to uphold honor and tradition, a man dishonored and shunned by the very society she rules. Their passion may be hot, their will strong, but how can she fall for the man who might be trying to kill her?

When her life is threatened by mysterious events only she can see, Princess Fen has more to worry about than finding a husband. Too bad her parents don’t feel the same way. Desperate to keep her from leaving the planet like her sister, they decide to play matchmaker, inviting wealthy, noble suitors to the palace.

But it’s not a rich suitor who catches her eye, it’s the commoner, Aaron Piers—a man who’s past is clouded with dishonor, a man without family, a man she could never consider marrying. Though her desire for him burns hot, their relationship can never be. Besides, he might just be the one trying to kill her.


These books follow Princess Mei’s siblings. Mei is from Lords of the Var 5: The Pirate Prince. A continuation of the Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var Series.

Originally published December 2006

December 1
The Raven Books LLC
The Raven Books LLC

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R. Manor ,

Temptation of the Butterfly

Michelle Pillow - Temptation of the Butterfly: A Qurilixen World Novel (Anniversary Edition) (Dynasty Lords Book 2)

This is Book 2 in the Dynasty Lords Series, a spinoff /addition to the Quriixen World of the Draig and Var shifters. There is some crossover of characters. This series takes place on a planet that has been settled by those of Chinese customs, and there are two main families (Zhang and Song) that hold the power and rule over this planet.
We have learned so far that the Zhang Dynasty is steeped in tradition and hold family status and their version of what honor means, plus the influence of the ancestors (many who remain in the form of ghosts and spirits and really like to intervene).

The Empress is determined to see her youngest daughter, Fen, married to a nobleman, remain on their planet and bring the family much honor, possibly make a good match for political reasons and have grandchildren. She was disappointed in the matches of two of her other children (previous books).
Fen is not ready for marriage nor does she desire a match. As much as she wants to please her family she wants to marry for love. The development of Fen’s personality into an independent strong woman able to push against her families pressures was a great part of her story and very timely as well.
Aaron is half Lintinese and has secretly loved the princess from afar for many years. He believes he is but a commoner who’s own grandmother has rejected the boy of mixed descent.

Fen sees Aaron at the palace as the talented man has been summoned to design silk dresses and curtains for the family. She is instantly drawn to the handsome stranger with the deep blue eyes and can not help to secretly pursue him.

From here the story brings readers on an exciting roller coaster of adventure and surprise filled with mysteries, danger and intrigue, romance with some hot sexy scenes all set in this new world the author has so creatively developed. A non stop enchanting,thrilling adventure that I highly recommend for all sci-fi paranormal fantasy fans. To fully enjoy book 2 I suggest reading book 1 first.

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