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A virile dragon shifter on the verge of madness. A mystery woman bound to his mortal enemies. Though fate brings them together, their love could destroy them both.


Gideon Brandhart is losing his mind. He and his brothers are the only dragon shifters left in the world. But if billionaire Gideon doesn't find a mate soon, he won’t be able to control the beast inside. With each passing day, he finds it harder to keep it under control. When he crosses path with a gorgeous barista with eyes that mysteriously match his own, he knows she’s his. Though he craves this headstrong woman, she’s bound to a pack of wolf shifters who’ve hunted his kind for centuries.


Life hasn’t been easy for Grace Call. Daughter to one of the most powerful wolf shifters in the country, she’s can’t make a move outside the watchful eyes of the pack. She’s been told there’s no such thing as dragons. Then she comes face to face with Gideon. Though she finds herself burning for him in every other way, his fire doesn’t hurt her. But, she senses there’s something dangerously wrong with him. Only her touch seems to quell the demon inside of him. 


If Grace’s father’s pack ever finds out what he is, they’ll hunt Gideon and the rest of his clan down. To keep them safe, Gideon will face a wrenching choice...his brothers’ safety for his own sanity and the woman he’s growing to love.


Tempted By Fire is a captivating standalone paranormal romance novel featuring billionaire dragon shifters. If you like sizzling chemistry, happily ever afters, and twists you won't see coming, then you'll love Kimber White's passionate, action-packed story.


Buy Tempted By Fire to trust your life and your heart to a dragon today!

August 3
Nokay Press LLC
Nokay Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Behatch1 ,

Another great one!

I love kimber white books and this one is no exception! I can’t wait for the next book!

ElfOwl49 ,

Hot Reading for Summer

How long can the existence of dragon shifters, believed to have been extinct for centuries, remain hidden from the rest of the shifter world? At the rate they are being revealed in Kimber White’s new “Dragonkeepers” series, not long! For three centuries, Avelina has managed to keep the existence of herself and her sons a secret from the rest of the world, except a few trusted friends, protecting them from being hunted to extinction. But the shifter brothers’ inner dragons are becoming increasingly unmanageable and threatening to become their permanent form, thus revealing this long held secret and threatening their very existence,

In this, the second in White’s series, we find Gideon, the second of five Brandhart brothers, nearly unable to control his dragon and return to his human form until he lays his eyes on Grace, his fated mate and a human. She is the daughter of Russian wolf shifter who immigrated with his extended family of children, brothers, and cousins. But a powerful and cruel Russian alpha wants to claim her as his mate to breed strong shifter sons.

This story of Gideon and Grace’s love and the conflicts resulting is both exciting and absorbing. I found myself liking them even better than Xander and Shea from the first book. My only complaint, as it has been for all of White’s books, is that it is too short. I’d love to see more fully fleshed out characters and plotlines. It was a very quick read.

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