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Bleeding Vengeance’s drummer, Roderick Powell knows he’s a sod for feeling glum, especially after moving into a beautiful new home in a smart Denver suburb. But all his mates are partnered or married, and dreadfully happy. It’s enough to make a rockstar rethink his options. And even though his sexy neighbor has given him the brush-off, he’s decided to have another go – at this point he has nothing left to lose, apart from his heart.


Gwen Mason’s romantic past has been bumpier than most – twice divorced by thirty, she’s had enough of broken promises. An ER nurse who keeps a brutal schedule, she’s happy to become known as the neighborhood crazy cat lady. But…the most delicious man has moved next door. He’s British, he’s famous, he’s a rockstar. And, hard as she tries, Gwen can't keep Rod Powell from breaking all her rules, and suddenly she sees a future she never believed possible.

June 12
Boroughs Publishing Group
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Marci Baun ,

Go forth and get your copy of this book today.

Gwen Mason is an ER nurse. She works long, hard hours and struggles to make ends meet. But she’s okay with it. She’s got her cats and her friends. After her last relationship (a failed marriage due to a cheating husband), she’d just as soon remain single for the rest of her life. There might be good men out there, but she seemed to be a magnet for the jerks.

Until Roderick Powell, the gorgeous drummer for the metal band Bleeding Vengeance, moves in next door. He’s hot, has a sexy English accent, and keeps trying to get her to go on a date with him. She’s not buying it, but, oh, how she wants to!

Being the wife of a drummer, I was delighted to find that the leading man of this contemporary romance was also a drummer. Drummers are amazing (not that I’m biased at all). The intricate, contrasting rhythms going all at once from their hands and feet is mind boggling. To see how accurately Brooklyn Ann’s describes Gwen’s first experience watching Rod work his magic on his chosen instrument shows that she has spent some time studying the men behind the rhythm.

Mix this in with a solid plot of two adults that must overcome obstacles, some from outside and some from within, to find their way back to love and learn how to trust again, you have a tale that pulls you onward from chapter to chapter until the very end…where you regret that it ended as soon as it did.

A week or so after I finished this book, I picked up another in this standalone series titled Kissing Vicious. More than likely, I will read all of them. So, yeah, go forth and get your copy of this book today.

4.5 stars

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