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“Definitely one of my top 10 favorite book boyfriends of all time.” Laurie, Laurie Reads Romance

Josie Ryan is everything that quiet, risk-averse Erik has always tried to avoid: Loud. Pushy. Distractingly gorgeous.

But now that he’s opening his own wedding cake bakery, he needs her business savvy almost as much as he needs to bury his hands in her fiery red hair.

With scorching chemistry both in and out of the kitchen, can they find the perfect balance of salty and sweet, or will they be a recipe for disaster?

“Erik picks and chooses his words, but when they come, they are SO HOT.” Amy, Amazon reviewer

Tempting Taste is a high-heat standalone romance featuring a cinnamon roll hero who actually bakes cinnamon rolls and the big-hearted heroine who appreciates his, um, hot buns.

"Sexy, sassy, and downright delicious! Tempting Taste brims with Whitney's trademark wit, humor and warmth." Kate Bateman, author of This Earl Of Mine

February 18
LoveSpark Press
Sara Whitney

Customer Reviews

PalatableDinner ,

Tempting Taste

This story appears to be a commentary on the Masterpiece Cakeshop incident in 2012. The author demonstrates a conscious effort to subvert queer tropes and addresses stigma following people without degrees. Research is evident in the writing, the banter is fun, and characters are given the time needed to develop, Josie with her anger issues and Erik with his anxiety, though this is somewhat conflated with introversion. Can be read as a standalone.

Having said that, the story plays into the “not their type” cliche and at times events broke the immersion. Erik’s self-sabotage could’ve been more organic as well as his sudden word vomit at Richard’s wedding, and his big fight with Josie felt like a show moment that got told.

Josie repeatedly insisting Erik use his looks to promote his business despite him vehemently saying no multiple times is problematic, especially since it has nothing to do with baking and therefore isn’t essential for his bakery to succeed. This is overlooked in favor of revisiting Josie’s issues with her mother and leaning into the whole “I’m not their type” cliche. While Josie does eventually redesign his logo, it’s not until after the original has already been widely circulated, and is tied up with the bow of “Josie was right all along” and “the end justified the means”. In the end she effectively compromised on nothing.

On another note: “chai tea” is redundant.

haninaljahni ,

My first romance book.

This book was my first fiction book to read. I always read nonfiction books. When i read it I can’t stop tapping to next page. It was a so very amazing experience the characters were build perfectly.

11tms69 ,


This book is awesome! It’s been too long since I’ve read a book that gave me so many emotions. I didn’t want to put it down to sleep! The characters are so real. I could feel their pain and joy. I can’t wait to see if this author can move me again with another story!

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