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I’m no knight in shining armor. My suit is tarnished.

It was a mistake to lie to Neela, but I had no choice. Protecting her and her baby has become more than a job to me. It’s personal. But she’ll never trust me again now--and I can’t blame her. Our relationship was a house of cards that came tumbling down when she discovered the truth.

Luckily for me, she can’t fire me. We’re stuck together, at least for as long as the threat remains. And I plan to use every second to convince her we belong together.

One error in judgment was all it took to lose her.

But this one wasn’t a mistake. 

I would do it all over again if it meant keeping her safe.

(This is Book 2 in the Heiress duet.)

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Customer Reviews

LisaHines711 ,

Review: The Heiress Duet 2: Tempting the Heiress

Tempting the Heiress by Nana Malone is the second book in the brand new Heiress Duet. Picking up where Protecting the Heiress left off we are smack dab in the middle of all kinds of drama.

Neela knows the truth about Jax and the rest of her "nannies", the threat against her and/or the baby is still real and looming, and now she has to leave the one place she felt safe and leave her business to be run by her two best friends/employees. She knew raising a child wouldn't be easy but she didn't expect all of Willa's drama coming after her too.

Jax will do whatever it takes to keep Neela and the baby safe. Even if that means dealing with a narcissistic pathological liar that Neela still sees with rose-colored glasses. As the danger mounts, however, the severity of their situation and the reality of people's actions set in. But did she realize the truth in time to keep her family safe?

Steamy, hot, well-written and well-paced I have fallen head over heels for this author's work and am excited for the next book about the Royal Elite in Ariel's story, Return of the Prince. Enjoy!

littlepinkpumpkin ,

Tempting the Heiress

This book kept on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. I loved the mixture of suspense with hot sexy romance.

Trenease ,

Jax and Neela part 2

Jax and Neela part 2 was really good. And Willa was a lying piece of work. Loved the way Jax and Neela’s bond unfolded. Just wanted to see something bad happen to Richard. That would have been a perfect ending. Otherwise a good story.

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