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Ten fun things you can do with luxury watches… well, ok, it ended up being thirteen things, not ten. But that already says a lot. And no, it not only says that you get 30\% more than you payed for… it says something about watches and about having watches as a hobby.

A luxury watch is not just a watch. You can do a lot of smart, fun and interesting things with a watch, inspired by a watch or in companianship with a watch.

This ebook will give you some ideas, inspiration and even reason, why some people are interested in these very special  watches and often frantically collect them. Keep in mind: we are talking about watches that are 'defined' by these peculiar characteristics: they are made in Switzerland and they are at least \$5000.

Of course there is more to a 'real' luxury watch than these two base characteristics. A lot of people narrow the whole industry that consists of dozens of companies down to about 9 really important companies: Rolex, Omega, Breitling (that much about the companies you probably already heard about) and there is Patek-Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantain, who are called the Holy Trinity (!) and there is Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breguet and IWC, who are… well… also very important. For a first take you can ignore all the others. Perhaps you will encounter Hublot and Panerai and other brands that try to distinguish themselves from the mainstream. They can be entertaining too…

Watches are a really rewarding hobby. You can do a lot of things with watches and around them. They are a kind of technology that is around for about 300 years and the oldest companies in the market are nearly there from the very beginning. So you can learn a lot about very different areas on this very peculiar, very special and very secluded market: about luxury of course, also about style, about beauty, about technology, about marketing, about riches and rich people, about capital, money and lasting value, about time and timelessness, about fun and application, about diving, space travel, precision measurement and last but not least about the biggest secret of them all: about time.

So let's have a little stroll around and look what watches have got in for you. There is something that you will find interesting or even inspiring. Trust me and come with me for a few precious moments together…

The Author

Leonard Lowe is a german engineer, scientific researcher and professor for mechanical engineering. He is the author of several books on technology, philosophy and politics. 

Beyond his professional live he is a tech and hi-tech enthusiast, computer geek, brillant thinker and writer. He loves to acquire knowledge and share it. His sharp analyses help his readers making the right decisions in many different areas of life.

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